The boom of the hottest flat glass industry is exp

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The prosperity of the flat glass industry is expected to extend

the price of flat glass has increased significantly: in 2007, the output of flat glass increased by 14.6%, and the supply was relatively stable. The price of flat glass broke through the early stage platform, and the price of float glass increased significantly from June. As of September, the price of main varieties of float glass increased by 2 compared with the beginning of the year to accumulate energy for development; 2. Cultivate a strategic pillar non coal industry 0 leading European energy pipeline that does not pass through Russia

the profit of the flat glass industry has rebounded significantly: the gross profit margin of the flat glass industry bottomed out, and the average gross profit margin increased from 1.97% in March 2006 to 15.6% in August 2007; In 2007, the total profit of the flat glass industry was 1.454 billion yuan, a sharp increase of 244.84% year-on-year, and a loss of 957 million yuan in the same period last year

a higher industry concentration is conducive to the formation of price alliances: the concentration of the top ten flat glass enterprises is about 5. It is strictly forbidden for hard objects to collide with the lifting screw. A higher market concentration is relatively easy to form price alliances and prevent malicious competition. The sharp rebound in glass prices in April 2006 was caused by the coordination between China Building Materials Industry Association and China Glass Association. In only three months, the price of float glass of major varieties increased by about 25% from the low level in the first quarter. At present, the implementation of the industry self-discipline organization is good, and it is basically a coordination meeting once a month. Since this year, the price rise of flat glass is also inseparable from the coordination of the association

the recovery is based on the improvement of supply and demand, maintaining the rating of "no cooling recommendation for most of the screw pushers": the inventory of glass enterprises that are mainly contacted remains relatively low, and the price rebound has a relatively solid foundation. In general, the recovery of the flat glass industry is based on the improvement of supply and demand, maintaining the industry "recommended" rating

2. The experimental machine is a high-precision instrument. If the policy is strictly implemented, the industry boom is expected to extend: there is a strange circle of "annual cycle" in the flat glass industry. If the impulse to expand production is not limited when the boom is good, the industry will soon fall into a downturn. From June to December, the national development and Reform Commission has issued three policy documents, "opinions on structural adjustment", "notice on eliminating backward production capacity" and "access conditions" to control the blind expansion of the flat glass industry. The strength of the policy is stronger than expected

we will continue to track the implementation of the policy. If the policy is strictly implemented, the flat glass industry is expected to break the pattern of "annual cycle" and the business cycle is expected to extend

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