The boom of the hottest electric industry continue

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The prosperity of the electrical industry continues to be good, and the growth momentum of Senyuan Electric is quite sufficient.

under the situation of sharp decline in the performance of most listed companies in the fourth quarter of last year, the announcement of performance exceeding expectations recently issued by Senyuan electric can be said to stand out from the crowd. According to the interview yesterday, from the current industry development, the company's prosperity in 2012 is still worth looking forward to

Senyuan Electric will disclose its annual report on February 28, 2012. Due to its good performance growth, the company previously issued a revised announcement of performance forecast. After the revision, the company expects to achieve a net profit of 127 million yuan and 141 million yuan in 2011, an increase of 80% and 100% over the same period last year. However, it is hard to imagine that this is a company that can "achieve" the year-on-year growth rate previously estimated; Turn decay into strangeness rdquo; 30% and 50% of high-tech enterprises. From the perspective of the company, the performance has exceeded the expected growth, which is not only due to the prosperity of the industry, but also due to the positive and enterprising role of the company

it was learned from the company yesterday that Senyuan Electric has taken a solid step in 2011: the company has developed more than 20 new products, such as intelligent switch sets, power quality management devices, rail transit special switch sets, which meet the needs of national intelligent electricity. Realize the strategic demand of the company's product positioning in the high-end market

according to the company's executives, in 2011, domestic power distribution benefited from smart power construction, urban and rural power transformation, and the investment growth rate maintained a rapid growth. With the centralized bidding of national companies, the market share was closer to high-quality enterprises such as Senyuan electric. At present, the company has sufficient orders, and all production lines are basically in full load operation. The company's new products have high added value. SAPF and other power quality management products have the advantages of large capacity and good operation effect. The rapid expansion in Henan Province this year has made the company's performance exceed expectations

the reason why the performance exceeded the expectation is that in 2011, the company automatically dissolved these plastics and became some battery objects, which better realized the sales strategy of consolidating the market in the province and vigorously expanding the market outside the province. While consolidating the sales market of traditional products, we further rely on the advantages of traditional product sales channels, innovate marketing management means, implement team marketing mode, and strengthen the promotion and sales of new products by improving the sales network layout, product promotion, deepening communication with the Design Institute, etc. as a result, the proportion of the sales revenue of new products with high gross profit in the total revenue of the company has been greatly increased, and the profitability of the company has been further improved, It enhances the overall competitiveness of the company and provides a guarantee for the continuous growth of the company's business performance

talking about the industry boom in 2012, the head of Senyuan electric believes that it will continue to do well. It is mainly based on the fact that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the state will accelerate the construction of modern power system, further expand the scale of power transmission from west to East, improve the regional main power, promote the construction of smart power, and effectively strengthen urban and rural power construction. 5. Preset the number of experiments, automatic shutdown and transformation, and enhance the power optimization and configuration capacity and power supply reliability. As a sheet reinforcement filler, illite powder has both incremental and modified effects. State Grid Corporation of China also proposed that in 2011, we must ensure the smooth transition of strong smart power construction from the planning pilot stage to the comprehensive construction stage. The investment growth rate of urban and rural power transformation has maintained a rapid growth, and with the centralized bidding of national companies, the market share is closer to high-quality enterprises such as Senyuan electric, providing a broad development space for the company

according to the company, not long ago, Senyuan electric gw4- (2) 27.5d/j.5 single and double pole outdoor high voltage AC disconnector project passed the technical appraisal of scientific and technological achievements of Zhengzhou Railway Bureau. The operation of the product shows that the product is safe and reliable, can reduce the operation cost, and has a broad prospect of popularization and application

realize the strategic demand of the company's product positioning in the high-end market, continue to strengthen research and development, and actively carry out new product research and development, which provides the source power for the sustainable development of the company. The head of Senyuan Electric said that in 2012, Senyuan Electric will continue to adopt the development strategy of product differentiation and position its products in the high-end market. While consolidating and improving the industrialization of high-voltage transmission and distribution equipment, it will strengthen technological innovation, speed up the process of high-voltage, automation and intelligence, further expand power quality control and energy-saving electrical products, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, and maintain the leading edge of products and technologies

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