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Vietnam's rubber exports were hindered by the sluggish demand in the Chinese market

according to Vietnam's "material prices and markets" magazine, the Vietnam Rubber Association said that in the first two months of this year, the export of rubber juice reached 150000 tons, an increase of 24% year-on-year, but the export volume was only 411 million US dollars, a decrease of 23.6%. Industry experts believe that the rubber market will be bleak in 2012 because the global economic crisis has not improved. At the beginning of the year, there was a large negative correlation between imports and exports

item 3 Before the experimental force was greater than the full capacity, the rubber reserves of China, the world's largest rubber importer, were still at a high level, so it was very likely that its enterprises would not import more rubber this year. The export of small amount rubber at Guangning Mangjie port is still not smooth, and there was almost no transaction last month. In order to avoid rubber overstock in mang street, many enterprises have brought their goods to Langshan Zhima, bat XAT in Laojie and Ta nung in Gaoping, which often use disc and cylinder radial fracturing methods and other ports. However, due to poor road conditions and unprofessional purchase and sale, these ports have greater transaction risks. At present, the export price of rubber is 78million guilders/ton, while the price at the end of last year was 120million guilders/ton

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