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Vietnamese media said that there were uncertain factors in the rubber export to the Chinese market

Vietnam's market price and materials news shortcut: entering the fourth quarter, the rubber import and export situation at mang Street (Vietnam) - Dongxing (China) port was more complex, and the export price and transaction volume of lanterns with the characteristics of school intelligence were still unstable. As of November 8, the export price of srv3l rubber was 17400 yuan/ton (18700 yuan/ton the previous week). The trading volume of natural rubber products also fell to 400 tons/day from 500 tons/day in the previous week. The reason for the decrease in transaction volume is that the competent Chinese authorities have restricted the free trade at Luofu Lulin border trade port on the grounds of maintaining a clearance of about 0.5mm for safety inspection and troubleshooting. By the end of this year, China will reduce the import tax by 20% to encourage enterprises and businesses to import natural rubber from Vietnam through Beilun bridge through normal trade

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