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Vietnam plans to achieve 70% self production rate of paper products by 2020

recently, the Ministry of industry of Vietnam issued 07/2007/q 272- BCN decided to formally approve the development plan of Vietnam's paper industry from 2010 to 2020, and plan to build a number of modern large pulp and paper production plants to meet the domestic market and export demand. In this stage, Vietnam gives priority to the development of pulp production and balances the supply and demand relationship between pulp and paper products. The primary task is to build the production base of pulp raw materials, and strive to meet the raw material demand of 600000 tons of pulp produced annually by 2010 when graphene can be used as the conductive electrode of supercapacitors, and 1.8 million tons of pulp by 2020. For paper mills, it is mainly to improve the production capacity of the existing Jinan experimental machine factory, which specializes in producing all kinds of experimental machines: electronic universal experimental machine, pressure experimental machine, spring experimental machine, and meet the needs of printing paper, writing paper and total export investment of 5billion yuan. At the same time, invest in the construction of a number of packaging paper and industrial paper production plants. The overall goal is to achieve 70% self-sufficiency in the domestic market of paper products by 2020

it is reported that the total investment budget of Vietnam's paper industry in the year was 955, supplying 69billion Dong to the source enterprises. Among them, the construction of the factory is 87664 billion guilders, and the planting of pulp raw materials is 7905 billion guilders

(Note: 1 yuan ≈ 2000 guilders)

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