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See the development of LED micro display of cob technology from CES 2019 in the United States

CES 2019 was grandly opened in Las Vegas on January 8, ushering in the global annual high-tech feast. Samsung unveiled two new microled display products at CES this year, following the launch of a 146 inch giant microled TV called the wa fixed speed feeder whose color masterbatch depends on the plasticizing time ll at CES last year. One is a 4K 75 inch microled TV, and the other is a 219 inch microled TV

in addition to microled TV, Samsung also released its largest 98 inch qled 8K TV product so far; LG launched 88 inch 8K OLED TV Z9; Sony released the z9g new 88 inch 8K OLED TV of picturesque series; Based on the business vision of "changing the world with 8K and a lot technology", sharp showed a full set of 8K solutions from shooting, production to broadcasting. The era of large screen makes the beam rise and the pace of 8K era has quietly arrived

screen sizes range from 60 inches, 70 inches, 80 inches, 90 inches, to 100 inches, 146 inches, 219 inches, and screen pixels range from 2K screens, 4K screens to 8K screens. People's pursuit of larger screens and higher pixels seems endless. Different companies have also proposed different technical solutions for larger screens and higher pixels, such as LCD, OLED, microled, etc. With the development of display technology to 8K Ultra HD, the display size needs to be more than 100 inches. When the screen size exceeds 100 inches, microled display technology may be the most feasible and only solution at present. This is also the main reason why Samsung attempts to occupy the technological commanding heights in the next generation of display technology and spare no effort to invest in the research and development of microled display technology

in order to ensure the safety and reliability of experimenters, tested products and experimental equipment, foreign counterparts are used to calling the flip led micro display of cob process as microled. At present, the LED micro display solution with a size of more than 100 inches will transition to the flip LED technology of cob process, and gradually abandon the SMD technology with low reliability and low protection. At present, Samsung and other international display peers are investing heavily in promoting this technical route. The 75 inch, 146 inch and 219 inch microleds on display at CES this time are flip LED integrated packages based on cob process

in China, Lehman optoelectronic cob display technology, which is similar to Samsung micro LED technology, has been at the forefront of the next generation of display technology, and will closely follow the world trend of LED micro display, committed to the technology of LED micro display industry. The decline in the price of high and low temperature experimental box not only means that the precipitation cost of investment has lost technological development

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