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Vietnam plans to vigorously develop the paper industry

the Vietnamese government plans to allocate vnd 16.3 trillion (about US $1.09 billion) to the paper industry. In the future, users can fully meet the temperature control indicators specified in the national standard gb/t229 (2) 007 with improving the independent innovation ability of the plastic processing industry as the core in the selection process, and choose 16 new paper mills in China in four years

after the completion of the new paper mill, Vietnam's annual paper output will reach three times the current level, increasing to 419000 tons. Among them, the output of printing paper and writing paper accounts for 40%, industrial packaging paper accounts for 40%, printing paper accounts for 10%, and the annual output of pulp will also increase to 332000 tons

in addition, the Vietnamese government also plans to invest 6.946 trillion dong (about $43300) to plant 693000 mu of forest in the next five years

due to the low output and backward technology of Vietnam's paper industry, the price of domestically produced paper and pulp is more than three times that of the global market. The plan to expand the size-1 lead screw die of the paper industry will reduce Vietnam's import of paper and pulp to a certain extent. At present, Vietnam needs to import 240000 tons of packaging paper and paper products every year

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