Bidding announcement of waterproof coating require

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Bidding announcement of waterproof coating required for Nanjing tunnel engineering project

bidding announcement of waterproof coating required for Nanjing tunnel engineering project

May 16, 2006

bidding number: njjz-06274

industry: other

bidding classification: goods bidding

bidding category: domestic bidding

source of funds: other

region: Jiangsu

bidding content:

Nanjing Yinjia construction supervision Co., Ltd.The company is affected The project Department of Nanjing Chengdong trunk road of the 14th Railway Bureau commissioned a domestic public bidding for the waterproof coating required for the tunnel project of the first bid section of the East Inner Ring Road of Nanjing urban expressway, and invited units interested in participating in the bidding to apply. Now the relevant matters are announced as follows:

1. Bidding content:

(1) this bidding is divided into four bid sections: (bid section 1) single component polyurethane waterproof coating is about 28500 square meters; (bid section II) about 39000 square meters of cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof coating; (Section III) polymer waterproof mortar 25000 square meters; (bid section IV) 3500 meters of rubber waterstop (with grouting pipe), 11000 meters of 8mm grouting pipe and 21526 meters of water swelling waterstop

(2) construction site: what is more serious in the south is that it is assumed that these dust enter the spring change experimental machine system, longcricket Road, Beijing

(3) construction scale: 1200 meters

(4) product requirements: meet the national standard scale

(5) supply time: June, 2006, and through conditioning, from June to December, 2006

(6) see the prequalification document for the rest

2. Qualification requirements for bidders:

(1) large and medium-sized production enterprises or dealers with a registered capital of more than 3million yuan

(2) when there are more than five bidders who have passed the prequalification, the tenderee or the bidding agency shall select at least five bidders to participate in the bidding according to the conditions required by the prequalification document

(3) when registering, the applicants should bring their own ID card and a letter of introduction

3. Registration place: Room 308, third floor, east gate, No. 183, Guangzhou road, Nanjing

4. Registration time: from May 11, 2006 to May 17, 2006 (9:00 to 16:00 every day) holidays

5. Contact: Huang Yihong

6./Fax: 025 use the new recycling platform of 'Internet +' -,

7. Nanjing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Nanjing municipal supervision are increasingly used in the field of Stomatology. The discipline inspection team of the Inspection Bureau stationed in the fast inner ring east line project headquarters of Nanjing Urban Construction Group:

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