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From the Japanese earthquake, the earthquake prevention technology of data center

the earthquake in Japan last week has caused widespread damage and triggered a tsunami. Some early reports pointed out that some telecommunication services had been interrupted. However, the report also shows that most data service centers in Japan are still working as usual, and we will continue to pay attention to relevant reports in Japan

for Japan, a country with frequent earthquakes, how does the local data center deal with the problems caused by earthquake risks? Nearly 1000 Japanese companies are using their achievements to protect their equipment. Shock absorbing products can reinforce the main cabinet and frame to ensure that the main engine will only vibrate slightly in the face of the strongest earthquake that may occur

shock absorbing products have produced satisfactory answers in protecting various equipment in Japanese data centers in the past decade - it has helped these equipment survive more than ten large earthquakes safely. This product adopts the ball-n-cone (ball to cone) isolation system with the technical patent of chromium oxide grinding paste, which has the technical problems of the digital display pipe static pressure testing machine. The device is composed of two load plates with conical grooves for fastening the steel ball bearings. This design enables the protected equipment to offset the kinetic energy caused by the earthquake through smooth and uniform lateral movement. According to the different safety conditions of this product, the installation cost of each cabinet is between 1000 US dollars and 1500 US dollars

the translation limit range promised by the above shock absorber system is eight inches, which means that when the translation distance of the host is less than eight inches due to the earthquake, it will not suffer any physical damage. But for the earthquake we are facing now, the key question is whether such intensity (the kinetic energy brought by it will make the translation of the host exceed the theoretical upper limit) is beyond the ability of the protection equipment

in many areas, the standard shock absorption method is to fix bolts on the floor. However, Worksafe's opinion is that this "rigid shock bolt" can indeed keep the equipment in place, but the kinetic energy caused by the earthquake will be borne by the equipment itself, which is likely to cause damage to the host and internal structure

now let's cite a building level example - the 365 master data center of the digital real estate trust in San Francisco. The facility contains the system containing the key information of the real estate, and the base isolation system installed in this flagship data center in San Francisco is the base isolation system

365 the main body is located on a solid foundation, and the whole building is supported by a total of 98 columns. With the help of plates and rubber bearings, these 98 columns have jointly built a shock absorption structure called "friction pendulum", which can effectively absorb the impact force caused by seismic activity. In the face of an earthquake, the facility will displace the whole building relative to its foundation to a certain extent. The pipes, cables and various common connections in the building also have the function of isolation and protection. With professional advantages, we focus on the research and development and manufacturing of material mechanics testing equipment to ensure that they can still work normally in the event of an earthquake

we all know the high price of equipment in the data center, so many large and professional data centers have taken many shockproof measures worthy of our study and reference:

upgraded shockproof platform of the data center

the data center has a lifting shockproof platform to ensure smooth air conditioning and maintain normal room temperature. In addition, the lifting anti shock platform can reduce electrostatic interference and provide a professional and high-quality environment for storing servers

the lifting seismic platform generally has several characteristics:

450mm lifting seismic platform

false ceiling system

there is a clear height of 2600mm between the lifting seismic platform and the false ceiling

seismic glider in the data center

many data centers use isolation technology to protect racks and servers in a big earthquake. Last year, dylanmason of Worksafe provided a specification of its ISO base platform, which sits at the bottom of the data center rack and can be moved rather than fixed on the building in case of an earthquake, so as to reduce losses

these gliders provide a solution for the server room. But for the entire data center, what will happen to this glider? Here is an example of building level earthquake mitigation provided by 365main. At its flagship data center in San Francisco, 365main installed a seismic isolation system to house mission critical systems during facility renovation

The isolation system of the 365main building is based on the top. The 98 columns supporting the building are equipped with a special connecting device, which is a "friction pendulum", which is composed of a plate and rubber bearings. This device can absorb the impact caused by seismic waves. In an earthquake, this device will effectively float the facilities in the whole building on the ground. Pipelines, cables and municipal facilities entering the building are connected to the above isolation and connection devices to maintain their integrity in the earthquake

data center inner floor shockproof support

a machine room floor shockproof support, which includes a base, upper and lower guide rails, upper beams, and inclined supports. The upper and lower guide rails are integrated with the upper beam base. Because the support height is adjustable and can be fixed at any position, the support and the floor fixation strengthen the structural strength, and the base can be fixed with the ground to realize the integration of the equipment, the floor and the ground. The utility model has the advantages of adjustable height, convenient installation and disassembly, and increased the stability of the equipment and the floor

explosion proof wall and safety buffer zone of the data center

protective measures such as explosion proof wall, safety buffer zone and high seismic fortification intensity of the data center can not only prevent the central machine room from disaster damage, but also realize unattended operation on site. The central machine room of the data center is far away from external facilities, and its outer wall on the first floor is an explosion-proof wall, which effectively prevents man-made damage; A security buffer zone is set around the park to prevent illegal intrusion; The seismic fortification intensity of the central computer room can reduce the disaster of the earthquake to the data center

countermeasure technology for cabinet of data center to resist earthquake damage

double frame shockproof structure

double frame structure with separated column and spacer. The "shockproof shock absorber" installed between them absorbs seismic energy through deformation, so as to reduce the vibration of cabinet

the anti-seismic frame

adopts the multi bending column structure formed by rolling, which realizes the lightweight and high rigidity of the frame

shock absorber (2-stage variable)

at the same time, it has good elasticity. It is equipped with high-performance shock absorption rubber with double-layer structure, which is soft in medium and small earthquakes and hard in large earthquakes. Regardless of the vibration, the shock absorption cabinet can play an efficient shock absorption effect

the combination of seismic frame and shock absorber in the data center

the combination of seismic frame and shock absorber has created a breakthrough shock resistance

the cabinet with dual frame shock proof structure can reduce the seismic vibration in the cabinet to about 50% at least. The high-strength earthquake resistant frame creates a cabinet structure that can withstand seismic energy. Special high-performance damping rubber that can absorb energy is installed in the shock absorber. The high-performance damping rubber is double-layer, which is characterized by its softness in small and medium earthquakes and hardening in large earthquakes. Regardless of the size of the vibration, the shock absorption cabinet can effectively play the shock absorption effect

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