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Thermoplastic elastomer seeks a new breakthrough

the emergence of thermoplastic elastomer can be called a material and process technology revolution in the elastomer industry. Thermoplastic elastomer is a new polymer material between rubber and thermoplastic. It can not only replace some rubber, but also be used for plastic modification. It has the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber and the processing properties of thermoplastic. Because there is no need to go through thermal vulcanization like rubber, the final product can be easily made by using simple plastic processing machinery

Keppel: TPE in the Asia Pacific market is moving from low-end to middle-end

kraiburgtpe Co., Ltd. (kraiburgtpe) is a global thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) manufacturer based on hydrogenated polyethylene block copolymer (HSBC), which is in a leading position in the professional field

at the 2011 International Rubber and plastic exhibition, Roland Ritter, general manager of Asia Pacific business of Cabo Jiaobao Co., Ltd., introduced that the company's main products on display this time are TPE materials, which can provide the best elasticity and bonding performance with different materials, such as making automotive plastic panels, TPE special materials can bring the best results: even at the extremely low temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius or the extremely high temperature of 90 degrees Celsius, TPE materials still have the maximum elasticity and the best adhesion. These features enable the processing manufacturers to use the injection molding process that saves time and money for processing

in addition, TPE material can also ensure excellent resilience and reliable sealing characteristics. For example, TPE material can be directly bonded with window glass in the secondary injection molding process in an injection molding machine with a temperature of up to 250 ℃. Moreover, TPE does not need to be dried in advance, and can be cooled quickly after injection molding, which can shorten the production cycle

when talking about the development of TPE materials in the Asia Pacific market, rolandritter said that at present, products in the Asia Pacific market are moving from low-end to middle-end, and TPE materials will help customers complete this process

facing the rapid development of the packaging industry in the Asia Pacific region, rolandritter said that based on the company's accumulated technological advantages in this industry and the company's globalized business network, the company will be able to meet the different needs of different markets, and the company may also expand its business in this region in the future

Dow Chemical: build the world's largest elastomer plant in Thailand

the elastomer plant newly built by Dow Chemical, the global chemical giant, in Thailand will be put into operation in the second quarter of this year. The operation of the production base will undoubtedly further strengthen Dow's service capacity in the Asian market, and also reflect the company's confidence in the Asian market

kennyogawa, the Asia Pacific Business Director of Dow elastomer, said: "Our new elastomer factory in Thailand is expected to be officially put into operation on June 1 this year, which will be the largest elastomer production factory in the world. Initially, we will produce affinity and engage products, which can be flexibly adjusted according to the needs of customers in the future. After the completion of the new factory, it is very important for Dow Chemical to strengthen its services to the Asian market, especially China. Our production in Thailand can not only better control costs, The delivery time is also shorter, and it helps to serve more new customers. In terms of elastomer business, China is our largest market in Asia, whether in terms of the number of customers or sales. In terms of technology, Dow Chemical began to invest in new technologies very early, such as insite processing technology, which has great advantages. "

in the application field, Ogawa Shenghong pointed out: "At present, our elastomer materials are widely used in a workshop of innovative groups in automobile, construction and packaging, as well as in the consumer goods industry. The demand for plastics in the automotive industry is indeed very large. Taking China as an example, we expect the growth of automobile sales in 2011 to be close to 10%. Not only that, China's growth potential in the next few years is still great. During this year's Chinaplas, we are also emphasizing sustainable development, which is of great significance to China For users in the automotive industry, sustainable development means reducing carbon emissions, achieving lightweight, reducing fuel consumption and achieving recyclable solutions. "

in terms of packaging, Jiang Haoxing, senior marketing manager of Dow Chemical elastomer and special packaging box film department, pointed out that affinity polyolefin plastic (pop475) has been applied in food packaging, medical packaging and electronic product packaging. Compared with PE or PP, the cost of elastomer materials for packaging will be higher, so it belongs to a relatively small market at present, but the future growth will remain at about 5%. As a packaging material, customers hope to have more innovative advantages, such as reducing the application of packaging materials, extending the shelf life of packaging materials, reducing the damage rate of packaging, and achieving a low taste and odor transmission rate. It is very important to meet customers' requirements in these aspects. Thermoplastic elastomers can play a special role in these fields

ExxonMobil Chemical: weidamei adds innovative inspiration to the film

weidamei propylene based elastomer of ExxonMobil Chemical brings new opportunities to the market, which can improve the added value of the whole value chain in the application field of flexible packaging film. Oliviervandevorde, the global product manager of the company's special elastomers, said: "vidamet has been widely used in China and European and American markets. The Shanghai R & D Center opened in March enables us to further strengthen the application development of vidamet and customize solutions that meet the needs of the local market for Asian customers."

due to its good compatibility with various polyolefins, excellent film heat sealing performance, excellent toughness and good optical properties, weidamei propylene based elastomer has been widely used in flexible packaging film, extrusion coating and composite applications, bringing innovative inspiration to BOPP, CPP and other materials

Zhao Rui, Asia Pacific Technical Manager of special polymer technology department, said: "Packaging products have increasingly strict requirements for use safety. Adding vitamine to PP and PE can increase toughness to avoid fragmentation during transportation and use. At the same time, it can also improve the surface appearance of materials, processing performance and production line speed, so as to meet the multi-functional requirements of high-end products for raw materials. The application technology shown in this field processing is the blending of vitamine and PP to produce disposable hot formed cups."

at this year's exhibition, it is a major feature of ExxonMobil Chemical to show its material processing and application characteristics together with major well-known equipment manufacturers. In addition to the on-site demonstration of the processing of thermoformed cups, the booth of Xinle Huabao company also showed the use of weidamei propenyl elastomer, ennebo metallocene polyethylene resin and ExxonMobil linear low-density polyethylene resin for casting hand stretch winding film; Guangdong Shicheng Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. showed that weidamei propylene based elastomer helped improve the heat sealing performance, softness and toughness of cast polypropylene packaging film at the booth. Guangdong Jinming's booth showed that weidamei propylene based elastomer, echid metallocene polyethylene resin and nexxstareva resin were used for nexxstar resin formula stretch sleeve packaging film. In addition, another elastomer product of the company, santoping, conducted a production demonstration at Zhenxiong booth: santoping thermoplastic vulcanized elastomer injection molded automobile air duct

in addition to the application in the field of film, okes, global market manager of polypropylene of ExxonMobil Chemical, introduced another application of weidamei. She said: "another application of weidamei introduced at the exhibition is for nonwovens, especially diapers, which can meet the needs of customers to improve softness or elasticity."

suger Co., Ltd. is a professional thermoplastic elastomer manufacturer from Taiwan. Since its establishment 15 years ago, the company has achieved good reputation and brand effect. Its research and development of TPE materials in the medical field has obtained UL, FDA and other international certifications

on chinaplas2011, Dujinlong, general manager of suger Co., Ltd., said: "Plastic lattice is mainly engaged in the development and application of elastomers in the field of computer 3C and medical treatment. In the field of 3C, plastic lattice has been in the leading position in the field of plastic coating. In the field of medical treatment, due to its early entry into this field, plastic lattice occupies a leading position in Taiwan, especially in Chinese Mainland. In the future, the company will continue to expand its production capacity according to market demand. At present, the production capacity in Taiwan has reached 500 tons/month, while that in Chinese Mainland has reached tons/month. ”

when talking about the future market direction, Du said that the control accuracy and quality have been greatly improved. The general manager said that the market of TPE and TPR has changed dramatically in the past decade. As TPE and TPR are environment-friendly materials themselves, and have replaced some markets of PVC, the demand continues to increase with the development of domestic economy. The continuous emergence of competitive manufacturers, the continuous reduction of market prices and the increase of production costs have brought resistance to the development of the industry. But on the whole, the market is moving forward and the development prospect is bright

president Du hopes to promote the brand to the world and further expand the influence of the brand through this exhibition. In addition, he hopes that with the economic development of the mainland market, the quality of material demand will be correspondingly improved, and the market will change from low-end to high-end. Finally, he hopes that the Chinese market will one day, like the European and American markets, the grade and grade of raw material demand will be improved, providing users with high-quality products

Hotai rubber expands people's livelihood applications

Taiwan Hotai group (Hotai) is a company specializing in the production of high-performance thermoplastic elastomers (tpe/tpr), and its business scope is the R & D and manufacturing of thermoplastic elastomers, excellent rubber and other engineering plastics

at chinaplas2011, the China International Rubber and plastic exhibition held in Guangzhou a few days ago, Zhou Zhihong, head of Taiwan Hetai group, said: "Our products on display this time are characterized by green and environmental protection, such as htpr materials, which are mainly recyclable. For example, products with errors in the production process of customers or waste materials generated in the production process can be 100% recycled. And usually this material can be recycled for about 5 times, and then it can be used in grades according to the specific situation."

"Our promotion in Chinese Mainland mainly starts from the coastal areas, such as the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. At present, we have a factory in Ningbo and have provided Hetai products for Chinese Mainland for eight consecutive years. At present, due to the completion of many railway projects such as the high-speed railway, many Taiwan's electronic enterprises have begun to move to mainland China, so our next goal is to set up sites in mainland China. From the industry From the perspective of, we mainly aim at the livelihood products industry and the electronics industry, so that customers can help them improve the added value of products by using Hotai products, and make consumers experience more reliable and comfortable products. "

in addition, Hetai is continuing to promote in the application field of people's livelihood. "At present, the per capita consumption of plastic products in China is lower than the global level. With the expansion of domestic demand in the Chinese market, we believe that the plastic industry will have great potential in the Chinese market." Zhou Zhihong said

the excellent glue launched by Taiwan Hetai company is a very environmentally friendly product suitable for many industries. It can cooperate with various industries to develop a special formula excellent glue that meets the needs of their products, and replace plastic and rubber raw materials in other industries. Its main raw materials are SBS and SEBS(

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