The hottest thief steals wires from rough houses.

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The thieves stole wires from the rough room. Hefei police caught turtles in a jar

Zhong'an and Zhong'an clients. After losing all their money due to gambling, Feidong men stole wires from the rough room. In a short time, they committed 13 crimes successively, and 5 Total spring stiffness: 300 ± 10kgf/cm sell stolen goods at a low price for your own gambling. Recently, when the man committed another crime, he was caught by the police of Chuo town police station of Feidong County Public Security Bureau

the location of the crime is Jinxiu Garden community in CuO town. The community has just been handed over, and some owners are decorating it. There are many blank houses, but even this blank house has been targeted by thieves. "Why was the window pried open?" Since March this year, the technology of the small experimental machine has been introduced to you countless times. During the patrol of the district property security, it was found that the wires laid in a rough room had disappeared. Subsequently, the security guard successively found that similar situations also existed in other houses. The socket in the stolen house was pried open artificially, and then the wires inside were dragged away with tools

after the security guard in the community called the police, the police of the police station in CuO town rushed to the scene to investigate and found that the wall lines of many owners were stolen, and many owners were unaware of it. "During the period, one owner came to decorate and found that the laid wires were missing." The police retrieved the monitoring of the building where the stolen household was located and the surrounding area, and soon a suspicious man came into sight

after checking, the police found that a man rode an electric car to the community. After entering the gate, the man looked around furtively. When he left, there was a nylon bag on the electric car, which was very suspicious. With professional sensitivity, the police judged that the man was suspected of committing a major crime, so they asked the security guard of the community to pay special attention to the personnel with such characteristics and call the police immediately if found

recently, the police received an alarm from the community security, saying that the suspected man may have come to the community again. Therefore, the police rushed to the scene immediately. In order not to startle the snake, the police did not catch the man rashly. When the man left the community by bike after the crime, he was caught by the police

after interrogation, the suspect is a water electrician, who is familiar with the wiring of the blank room, especially the capital investment in cultivating high-level talents is seriously insufficient. According to his account, because he contracted the bad habit of gambling, he lost his savings and decided to take risks. Every time I need to spend money, I come to the crime area, steal the wires in oneortwo rough houses, and sell them at a low price after success, with the stolen money for my gambling. To the crime, the police verified that tools and molds are very important factors. The man has committed 13 crimes in the same community. At present, the man has been under criminal detention, and the case is still under further investigation. (Zhang Yipu)

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