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The thin paper technology exchange meeting of China Paper Association was held in Mudanjiang

the 13th academic exchange meeting of the thin paper professional committee of China Paper Association was held in Mudanjiang from August 9 to 10, 2007, and was undertaken by Hengfeng Paper Industry. The opening ceremony was presided over by Lu Jian, Secretary General of Minfeng Paper Co., Ltd., director Cao Jihua delivered the opening speech, and Li Jinsong, vice president of Hengfeng Paper Co., Ltd., delivered the welcome speech. The representatives attending the meeting included 35 representatives from 21 units, including China Paper Association, Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute, cigarette paper production enterprises, calcium carbonate enterprises, light machine Slitter production enterprises and other chemical enterprises. Ten papers were presented at the meeting, six of which were read out at the meeting. For the quality of his papers, a review team composed of three experts was selected and three first prizes were awarded, including: Lu Jian of Minfeng paper industry, three people entitled "the production and development history of domestic cigarette paper to revitalize national industry", Wang Zhi of Hengfeng Paper Industry, and three people entitled "factors affecting the permeability coefficient of variation of high permeability filter rod shaped paper", Wang Xi to he Jinxing of today's shuisong paper factory, Title: application of natural antibacterial agent chitosan on cigarette binding paper. The remaining 7 articles were awarded as excellent awards, and certificates of merit, bonuses and encouragement were presented at the meeting. And take photos as a souvenir. Papers and photos are carved into CDs, representing one disc for each person. After the meeting, we visited Hengfeng Paper, and all the four imported advanced equipment were visited by the representatives

there are three other contents besides this thin paper academic exchange meeting:

first, the director unit has been held by Minfeng paper, and all previous directors and secretaries general are seriously responsible for their work. The annual meeting is held every two years. With the growth of age, the director and the secretary general have changed three times. This year, people are more likely to choose and encounter that Minfeng paper has been privately acquired. It is said that the boss is engaged in real estate. Whether Minfeng paper is willing to undertake the organizational work of the industry after the restructuring is a matter of concern for the paper society of the logistics "Green Plan" implemented by Alibaba and its Cainiao logistics network in conjunction with 32 logistics partners around the world. In order to be cautious, they are asked to submit a formal report stating that they are willing to continue to assume the director unit, The official seal shall be affixed to the China papermaking society. The boss is very supportive of this work. The new secretary completed all the preparations in two months. The meeting was held as scheduled and held well

II. The professional committee of thin paper has been holding cigarette paper technology exchange meetings. Cigarette paper production plants and the tobacco industry have implemented fixed-point. In recent 10 years, due to strict requirements on the quality of cigarette paper, the number of fixed-point plants has changed from 17 to 12. In fact, five advanced equipment Minfeng, Huafeng, Hengfeng, Jinfeng, Hongta Lanying, etc. supply 80% of the cigarette paper demand of the tobacco industry, accounting for 10% of the import volume, and the remaining 10% is supplied by seven small and medium-sized enterprises, Each plant supplies at least 200-300 tons per year, and the extra is about 1000 tons per year. The number of participants is getting smaller and smaller. Therefore, this year, it is decided to expand the scope of cigarette paper (5) and cast iron hydraulic universal experimental machine, which can automatically store data, into cigarette paper production plants, including cigarette paper, tipping paper, molding paper (high permeability, ordinary) aluminum foil paper. After the expansion of varieties, it provides a platform for more technicians to participate in technical exchanges

there is another reason for the small number of participants. With the change of enterprise system. After the transformation from a state-owned enterprise to a private enterprise, joint venture or foreign sole proprietorship, some private enterprise bosses are unwilling to spend money to let their technicians go out, with the purpose of saving money. Foreign enterprise bosses are unwilling to let technicians go out because of their advanced technology and equipment, for fear of revealing secrets; I don't want others to visit the factory. I'm afraid that others will steal the technology. I can't push it away. I only let visitors visit the finished product packaging workshop. The equipment is supplied by the supplier. In order to promote their own equipment, can the supplier show advanced without detailed introduction? If advanced equipment can be learned by visitors, can it be called advanced? Besides, foreign businessmen who set up factories in China do not integrate into the industry of their country. Can you understand the industry and industry regulations? At the critical moment, you have to rely on industry associations, societies and chambers of Commerce to help you solve the problem

III. Xing Jun, deputy director of the national tobacco quality inspection center, was also invited to make a report on the summary and analysis of the spot check of cigarette paper product quality in China in the past 10 years. The tobacco industry is the receiving unit of cigarette paper. She made a detailed analysis of the product quality at the meeting, which is the first time. The report brings two types of information:

category I: 163 paper samples have been spot checked in the past 10 years, (109 domestic papers and 54 imported papers) analyzed many indicators and compared them at home and abroad. In general, the qualified rate of cigarette paper products was less than 50% 10 years ago, and now it has reached more than 95%. In terms of index stability, some domestic indicators are better than imports. More than 10 years ago, the import volume of products accounted for 2/3 and the domestic volume accounted for 1/3. Now, the domestic volume accounts for 90% and the import volume accounts for 10%. The purpose of import is only to leave an exchange window

the second category: the National Bureau continues to integrate cigarette enterprises, with the goal of retaining more than 10 companies; Retain more than 10 brands (up to 2000 brands). This will impose stricter requirements on the quality of cigarette paper products

finally, Li Yuhua of the China papermaking association made a speech and raised two questions.

first, the total output of paper and paperboard in 2006 was 65million tons, with a growth rate of 16.07%, higher than the national GDP growth rate. The import volume of products decreased by 15.84% year-on-year, and the export volume increased by 75.77% year-on-year. The production growth rate of many varieties exceeds the consumption growth rate. Most varieties are used for various purposes, and the products of enterprises with good quality are basically digested, using means such as reducing imports, increasing exports, and impacting small and medium-sized enterprises. Enterprises with poor quality, coupled with serious pollution, will naturally be out of the market in the fierce competition, stopping production or semi stopping production

second, cigarette paper is used for a single purpose and can only be used for cigarettes. Due to various reasons, the growth rate of the tobacco industry is limited. At present, 100000 tons of cigarette paper can meet the needs of the tobacco industry, and the production capacity has reached 150000 tons, which is in excess of demand. At present, there are still three companies, unwilling to lag behind and still importing equipment, respectively: Guangdong Jiangmen (foreign enterprise), Anhui, Hunan, with a production capacity of 10000 tons each (Jiangmen has a total capacity of 20000 tons, including 10000 tons of cigarette paper). We need to think about what to do

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