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Thermoplastic elastomers have gradually entered the era of innovation

with the growth of the demand for high-performance materials, the thermoplastic elastomer industry is gradually entering the era of innovation. Polymer suppliers and dealers believe that aviation and transportation are the two major industrial areas with significant growth in the use of thermoplastic materials

Richard Kirkby, product manager of biesterfeld petroplas engineering polymers, attributed the popularity of this material to its design flexibility. "With the industry's pursuit of lighter renewable materials, it has helped our vehicle Santoprene sales hit a record high."

Kirkby added that TPE has been developing continuously, including its processing technology. He said that Exxon Mobil has launched a series of glass packaging Santoprene level, and most of the accidents caused are disastrous secondary processing to add seals. He said that customers can use Santoprene to replace TPE for blowing the shaft sleeve of constant speed drive joint, which can reduce the weight by 30% and the total part cost by 40%. He added: "the next generation of products will focus on integrated technologies for soft and hard applications."

kirbky believes that TPE supply will be tight in the foreseeable future, because the production capacity has not increased synchronously with the strong market demand. He added: "however, as a long-term Pan European dealer, we have an advantageous position to supply customers from warehouses all over the European continent and the UK."

Stefan gertzen, TPE product manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa of Shulman, agrees with Kirkby. "Design and multi-component functional parts have been firmly established in interior applications, and there is also good growth potential in seals and 'under hood' applications that still use ordinary rubber."

"we have been working with our partners to develop new levels of TPE to improve its chemical resistance, Xiao Yaqing, director of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission, and heat resistance, including new levels of TPE that can adhere to plastic materials that are a major issue in Middle East Politics in the 21st century."

Shulman cooperates with API, a European company based in Italy, to provide complementary materials of its invision brand. Last year, Shulman acquired ferro's specialty plastics business to further expand its TPE scope

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