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Sany international wonderful things: look at the name promotion and overtime to sue the labor union

Sany international wonderful things: look at the name promotion and overtime to sue the labor union

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"the Belt and Road" is a great strategy, which brings rare opportunities for Chinese enterprises to grow and develop. A large number of developing countries under the framework of the "the Belt and Road" have backward infrastructure, and the interconnection of infrastructure is an opportunity for enterprises to develop. The transaction price has not been announced

the core business of Sany group is construction machinery, as well as port logistics machinery, energy equipment, wind power equipment, solar energy equipment and other products. Sany has been internationalized for more than 10 years. So far, it has 14 factories overseas, and its product sales cover more than 200 countries and regions in the world. Its overseas revenue has increased from less than 5% 10 years ago to more than 30% of its overall revenue today

we have summarized some key factors of internationalization from our own practice

five key factors of "thoroughly understand" internationalization

1 Product localization. Unlike cars, construction machinery is a personalized product. For example, in developed countries in Europe and the United States, excavators may be family assets, because they need to tidy their own lawns and orchards, which requires excavators to be made as delicate as cars, with air conditioning and excellent handling performance. But the price is high. However, it is business owners who buy excavators in India and Africa, and workers who use excavators. In order to save costs, business owners hope that the excavator can be made as simple as possible without installing air conditioners, and even the driving building does not need to be closed. Therefore, enterprises should establish localization teams to customize and develop products suitable for local users according to customer needs

2. Cultural localization. The development situation of each country is different, with a variety of political, economic, cultural, legal, religious and other aspects. Enterprises must do as the Romans do in Rome and respect local social rules, otherwise they will take detours

take India as an example, 90% of Sany's employees in India are local. We promoted a smart, diligent and excellent blue collar worker as a middle-level manager, but he took the initiative to inform him that he could not take this job, because in India's caste system, his caste was very low, and after promotion, the ethnic groups he dealt with were higher than him, so he could only return to the previous circle. Another example is the opposite. There was once a CEO who was Brahman, the highest caste in India. He was so authoritative that he could handle even thorny work easily

another example of overtime. Overtime is common in private enterprises in China. However, after Sany acquired Putzmeister, Germany, an employee told me that the Germans had no objection to overtime, but the enterprise should follow certain procedures: first, inform the trade union; 2、 Be responsible for the traffic safety of overtime employees. Traffic accidents during overtime work are the whole of the enterprise. Enterprises can manage overtime well as long as they master these regulations. In France, employees cannot work overtime, because overtime will affect others

3. Talent localization. Ten years ago, 95% of Sany's overseas cadres and employees, including senior executives, technicians and after-sales service engineers, were dispatched from China. At present, we have about 5000 employees overseas, and more than 4000 employees are local people. It is very important to realize the localization of talents

after our acquisition of Putzmeister, we did not send executives from China to join the management, but only sent an executive familiar with the cultural differences between China and the west to contact China, who only participated in communication and did not participate in any decision-making. German enterprises have a sound corporate governance structure, by which we can exercise the will of shareholders well. German enterprise executives have high quality and strong professionalism. If they are given more trust and space, they will do better. In fact, this integration method can not only integrate the team well, but also achieve good economic benefits

4. Pay attention to cultural exchanges. We will regularly send overseas employees to China for cultural training, so that they can understand the entrepreneurial history of Sany, the development history of China's private enterprises, and the development history of China's reform and opening up, so as to enhance their sense of identity with China and enterprises

5. Build a financial system. The internationalization of Chinese enterprises, including the implementation of the strategy of "Jinan experimental machine factory brings you to know the experimental machine the Belt and Road", requires an overseas financing system, otherwise even if they go out, they will encounter twists and turns. Build a good financial system, internationalization will be more stable and smooth

quality is the foundation of internationalization

there are many key factors in the internationalization process of Sany, but the most important is the enterprise brand, and the most basic is the product quality. Chinese enterprises must do a good job in their products and change the world's traditional impression of made in China with high quality. This is Sany's deep understanding of "quality changes the world"

Sany regards internationalization as the third entrepreneurship. We propose a phased (6) sensor indication zeroing target - "double gathering", which first focuses on the key areas, because the path is very important; Then focus on key products. Even if there are good market opportunities, we are not allowed to sell some products, because construction machinery depends on after-sales service, and the lack of after-sales service system will affect the brand. In the process of internationalization strategy, Sany's products need continuous innovation, and its business model and services need to be more adapted to the local market

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