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on May 30, 2011, China packaging, as aisli's long-term media partner, was honored to interview aisli Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., a well-known domestic enterprise

Founded in 1988, aisili Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan, a world famous manufacturing city with convenient transportation and developed economy, and is located in the downtown of Dongguan. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of constant temperature and humidity testing machine, salt spray testing machine, cold and heat shock testing box, three integrated vibration, compound corrosion testing machine, high-temperature cooking instrument, high and low temperature cycle, non-standard reliable environmental testing equipment, and has limit protection Overload protection and other functional enterprises. For many years, it has been mainly engaged in reliability test equipment, and committed to technical research and quality improvement; Provide professional advice, perfect products and fast after-sales service. The main products are: high and low temperature humidity and heat alternation, UV ultraviolet aging testing machine, walk-in constant temperature and humidity room, high-pressure accelerated aging testing machine series products are widely used by major electronics, computers, home appliances, communications, semiconductors, led, solar photovoltaic, scientific research, automotive, aerospace and other industries, and have been widely recognized and praised with a length of 240mm

in order to support and control higher product quality, more precise manufacturing skills, and advanced management and business philosophy, aisli carried out a comprehensive cooperation with famous Japanese (EtAc) test equipment manufacturers in 1995. The reason why aisli can base itself on the testing instrument industry for decades and establish a strong core competitiveness is inseparable from its perfect sales and service system. Adhering to the tenet that where products go, services follow where they go, at present, aisli has established dozens of sales and service points across the country to facilitate customers' timely feedback and solve all problems

brand is the soul of an enterprise's existence and development. AI Sili has devoted decades of efforts to maximize the cost performance with leading technology and service, and finally won the attention and favor of many businesses. It has created Asli in the detection instrument industry and become the leader among many competitive enterprises in Dongguan

the instrumentation industry has maintained a high economic performance for eight consecutive years. Dongjingchen, Deputy Secretary General of China Instrument and meter industry association, pointed out that there are two main reasons: first, the country's economy is still running at a high level; According to past experience, if the GDP growth is more than 10%, the growth rate of the instrument industry is between 26% and 30%. Second, the impact of national macro-control on the instrument industry has a lag period, and instruments are often delivered and used in the late stage of the project. Therefore, the investment reduced due to macro-control policies will not have a great impact on the instrument industry this year. Due to the progress of microelectronics technology, instruments and meters are further integrated with microprocessor and PC technology, and the digital and intelligent level of instruments and meters is continuously improved. Taking the concept of DSPs proposed by Texas Instruments as an example, with DSP chip as the core, it provides the solution of the whole application system with advanced mixed signal circuit, ASIC circuit, components and development tools. A large number of new technologies such as ultra large scale integration (VLSI) devices, surface mount technology (SMT), multilayer circuit board printing, wafer scale integration (WSI) and multi chip module (MCM), as well as CAD, cam, CAPP, cat and other computer-aided means are used in instruments and meters, so that new technologies such as multi-media technology, human-computer interaction, fuzzy control, artificial neural network and so on have been widely used in modern instruments and meters

led by the new situation and new technology, aisli high temperature and high humidity testing machine came into being. Its structural features are:

1. The high temperature and high humidity testing machine has a high texture appearance. The body adopts a circular arc shape, the surface is treated with fog surface stripes, and adopts a flat non reaction handle, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable

2. The rectangular laminated glass viewing window can be used to observe the test object in the test. The window is equipped with a sweat proof electric heater device to prevent condensation of water droplets, and the high brightness PL fluorescent lamp keeps the box illuminated

3. It has a test hole, which can be externally connected with the test power line or signal line and the upper and lower adjustable storage tray

4. The double-layer isolation of the box door is airtight and tight, which can effectively isolate the internal temperature leakage

5. The compressor circulation system adopts the French Taikang brand, which can more effectively remove the lubricating oil of condensing pipes and capillaries, and the whole series adopts environmental friendly refrigerant (R-23, r-404)

6. The imported LCD display screen is used for the controller of the hast testing machine, which can display the measured value, set value and time of factors that need to be considered in the protection, maintenance and selection of the material change testing machine

7. The high temperature digester controller has multi-stage program and the temperature and humidity can be controlled quickly (Ouick) or slope (slope)

8. The built-in movable pulley of unsaturated testing machine is convenient for moving and placing, and it is fixed in position with strong set screws

the past glory has cast a monument to Asli. Compared with the 920000 plastic bottles used in 2018, the road to the future is still very long. We sincerely hope that aisli can create more brilliance on the road of testing instruments and provide more research institutions and businesses with products with excellent technology, reasonable price and perfect service. Chinese packaging encourages it

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