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The adjustment direction of thermoplastic elastomer product structure

according to the prediction of iisr conference service: Beijing Shengshi alliance Exhibition Co., Ltd. P, the world thermoplastic elastomer will continue to develop at a high speed. The average annual growth rate of its demand from 2000 to 2004 was 4. Respond and propose solutions within 2 hours.8%, and 6.8% in China; The method (5) of the domestic industry is to detect the coaxiality prediction under the stress state. The average annual growth rate of SBS in China will be greater than 9%, which are higher than the corresponding prediction value of synthetic rubber

at present, the annual consumption of SBS in China is roughly 280000 tons/year, and the production capacity is 120000 tons/year. No matter from the current or future development, the production capacity needs to be expanded. From the perspective of consumption structure, SBS is currently mainly used in the footwear industry. It is expected that SBS has great development potential in the application fields of asphalt modification, adhesives and polymer modification. In view of this market demand trend, we should accelerate the serialization of SBS brands, increase SIS brands, and accelerate the industrialization of SEBS products

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