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Kehua industrial UPS: reducing power accidents is increasing benefits

on August 28, 2009, the electrical age magazine under the mechanical media held a forum on "up selection and engineering design technology based on prediction s" at Beijing Jintai Hotel. As a leader of domestic high-end industrial UPS, Kehua was invited to participate in this forum, and worked with experts Hong Yuanyi, Zhong Jinghua, and chief engineers of major design institutes across the country Representatives of well-known UPS enterprises and research institutes conducted in-depth exchanges on how to build a green data center, and put forward a novel view that "reducing power accidents is increasing benefits", which made the best interpretation for the characteristics of industrial applications

with the emergence of energy shortages and power shortages, power failures such as flash outages in large production enterprises are becoming more and more frequent, each time causing tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of economic losses in terms of huge development space in the future. In response to this phenomenon, Liang shuzhan, deputy general manager of Kehua sales center, repeatedly stressed in this forum that for industrial enterprises: using UPS to build a safe power supply platform can effectively reduce or even eliminate power accidents! The reduction of power accidents means that the benefits of enterprises have increased! At present, Kehua's industrial UPS products are widely used in many large and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, such as steel, chemical industry, semiconductor, glass, cement, electronics, petrochemical, paper making, diamond, etc., to ensure the "production lifeline" of these enterprises

"The load situation and physical environment of industrial applications are much more complex and harsh than the traditional information environment. For example, large inductive loads such as motors have a large number and have a great impact on the current; in addition, the industrial environment often has a certain degree of dust, corrosive gases, humidity and high temperature, etc., so these application characteristics should be fully considered in the design of industrial UPS in order to ensure the reliability and stability of the power supply platform." Introduction of Liang shuzhan. For special industrial applications, the ups for industrial power launched by Kehua adopts a series of technical designs to improve reliability and availability, including: wide, so it has a flexible voltage design; Close to 1:1 compatible generator (set); The "Three Prevention" function is added to improve the protection level. In addition, Kehua industrial power ups also has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving: the overall efficiency of UPS is more than 98%, which is more than 70% energy-saving than traditional ups

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