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Upgrading of cultural consumption the market value of Tianzhou culture rose by more than 200% in March.

since this year, although the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market index has hovered at a low level, the share prices of listed companies with high performance growth genes have doubled continuously, of which the most prominent performance is the media sector. With the box office sales in the domestic film and television market, the domestic films are finally elated. Among them, the box office of the films such as the Dragon King in the capital of God and the witness of the whole people, which were released on the national day, exceeded 100 million yuan, and their film investors were listed companies. The combination of capital and media has produced a new batch of media upstarts. Let's see how the media upstarts are successful through the following article

the market value of Tianzhou culture rose by more than 200% in March.

xiaozhihong became a cultural upstart in the daily cleaning of Jinan testing machine.

the latest market value of Tianzhou culture was 6.698 billion yuan, compared with 2.205 billion yuan three months ago.

since he founded Changsha Culture Publishing House in 1983 and won the first pot of gold in book distribution, Xiao Zhihong, who is nearly 60 years old, has always been a low-key bookseller

however, on August 27 this year, Tianzhou culture launched a heavy restructuring plan, and the company announced that it planned to spend 1.254 billion yuan to complete the acquisition of 100% equity of the mobile game company magic era. At that time, the concept of mobile games was booming, and the company's share price immediately ushered in 9 consecutive trading limits, becoming the king of trading limits among media stocks, and rose to the highest point of 48.93 yuan/share on October 9, up 237.45% compared with the day before the resumption of trading

wind data shows that the latest market value of Tianzhou culture is 6.698 billion yuan, compared with 2.205 billion yuan three months ago. This means that within three months, the market value of Tianzhou culture rose by 203.72%

as the leader of Tianzhou culture, xiaozhihong has become another upstart in the cultural media industry

Xiaozhihong was born in May, 1954 in Gaoqiao Town, Changsha County, Changsha City, Hunan Province. When he was young, he lived as a carpenter. He was called carpenter Xiao. It is said that his craft was good

after the reform and opening-up, in 1983, xiaozhihong borrowed money to establish Changsha Culture Publishing House in Changsha Huangni street, one of the four major book markets in China at that time. He began the work of book distribution and earned the first pot of gold

Around 1987, xiaozhihong left Huangni street and successively engaged in book distribution work in Hunan Post Newspaper Distribution Bureau, Hunan Newspaper Distribution Bureau, Guangdong foreign language bookstore, Guangdong New Century Publishing House and other units. These resumes also accumulated a lot of experience and contacts for him

the reason why it takes root in the book industry is to make up for the regret that young people have no books to read. Soaking in this industry can make up for regret; The industry is related to educating people, and morality can be established. Xiaozhihong once said in private that the company should strive to become a test field for China's cultural system reform, integrate the advantageous cultural resources of the Chinese nation, and participate in the competition in the international and domestic markets

on December 15, 2010, Tianzhou culture was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the first share of private publishing

it is said that xiaozhihong was so excited that he wept when he learned that Tianzhou culture passed the listing verification. The book industry is hard to do. If there is no dream, it is hard to persist without passion. Xiaozhihong frankly said that if everyone shares the dream of entering the experimental program, this dream will come true

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