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Cultural paper starts the first shot of price increase in the peak season

release date: Source: Jufeng finance

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recently, some paper mills have issued price increase letters, mostly small and medium-sized paper mills, but there are also many large paper mills such as Chenming, Huatai, Asia Pacific and app. The price increase is mainly concentrated in cultural paper, and the price increase range is between 50 and 200/ton. There are two main reasons for the price increase, one is the pressure of environmental protection, the other is the price increase of raw materials. The implementation date of the new price is mainly on September 1

an executive of a large paper company said that September is the traditional peak season for cultural paper. At present, it is entering the preparation period for the bidding and printing of teaching materials in the spring of 2020. The publishing house will place an order with the printing plant in the near future, so as to increase the compatibility of the purchasing materials interface, reaction heat release, curing speed and stability of cultural paper; The fifth quantity. On the other hand, the paper mills shut down and renovated one after another in the early industrial off-season, limiting some production capacity, and the inventory scale of paper enterprises is not large, which is also an important support for the price of cultural paper. In order to adapt to the application for foam granulator in the new era. In terms of the company, sun paper promotes the integration of Forest Pulp and paper, has obvious advantages in raw materials, and plans to build a 450000 ton cultural paper production capacity; Huatai can complete the transformation of two paper production lines into high-grade cultural paper production lines in recent years, and has added a 450000 ton coated paper project

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