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The total added value of Xiamen's cultural related industries exceeded 10 billion yuan in 2007. In 2007, the total added value of Xiamen's cultural related industries reached 10.248 billion yuan, accounting for 7.48% of Xiamen's GDP

hongbiling, director of the Publicity Department of the Xiamen municipal Party committee, said that the continuous promotion and comprehensive deepening of the cultural system reform has effectively promoted the rapid development of the cultural industry in Xiamen. At present, Xiamen has formed eight industries, namely, the media industry, the book publishing industry, the slow degradation of printing and copying PLLA, the cultural tourism industry, the wandering industry, the entertainment and performing arts industry, the piano manufacturing and training industry, and the cultural exhibition industry. The overall strength and market competitiveness of the cultural industry have been significantly enhanced

according to Hong biling, Xiamen's commodity oil painting, tourism animation (R & D) and other industries have ranked first in the country. Caishi lacquer line carving and Xiamen Fujian Taiwan opera Grand View Garden were also selected into the Chinese cultural industry project resource library and the 2007 Chinese cultural industry investment and financing project manual

during the Tenth Five Year Plan (2000-2005), Xiamen has invested 1 Tensile testing machine, which can be divided into two types: pendulum tensile testing machine and electronic tensile testing machine, totaling 870million yuan, and 23 major cultural facilities of various types have been built; In recent years, another 804million yuan has been invested to build and transform a number of cultural infrastructure projects

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