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Cultural creativity + printing and packaging Anhui promotes a new model for the development of printing enterprises "We hope to enter a more specialized Symposium on transformation and development in the field of production devices and system integration, and strive to promote the new enterprise model of cultural creativity + printing and packaging.

the participants exchanged views on the topic of building a modern printing industry form integrating information technology, creative design and processing services, and forming a new enterprise model of cultural creativity + printing and packaging. They checked whether the operation of all parts of the machine was normal 。 It is believed that printing enterprises should establish a cultural and creative team, realize the organic integration of cultural creativity, design planning and existing printing business, print more culture, brush more creativity, form a cultural and creative brand, enhance the cultural and creative added value of products, and accelerate the transformation from passive processing industry to active service industry

according to guoyongnian, director of Anhui Publishing Bureau, Anhui Publishing Bureau will adjust and optimize the business structure of printing enterprises and promote the development of printing enterprises to adapt to market changes in five aspects: improving the cultural connotation of the printing industry, strengthening the technological innovation of the printing industry, creating the characteristic brand of the printing industry, promoting the development of the printing industry, and giving play to the leading role of backbone enterprises in leading PolyOne to launch modified PVC using soybean based materials

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