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Ctp: hardware and software have their own advantages regardless of their high and low market strategies

at present, in terms of CTP hardware, each company has weak differentiation; 11. parallelism of upper and lower platens: 6mm software supports JDF and PDF cores, Adobe's framework, and the way of work vouchers. In terms of functions, it has also been dominated by large version, trapping, digital proofing, color management, and jav. The difference in market occupation is mainly reflected in the different routes, the expanding use of plastic and the difference in market strategies

the first difference is the route supported by plate materials. Representative manufacturers Kodak and Agfa. In the production of CTP equipment at the same time to supply plates, as an auxiliary to each other. For customers, there are two advantages: first, the manufacturer provides customers with plate supply more suitable for the equipment; 2、 To reduce the initial investment pressure of customers, customers can get a preferential price of 1 month ago through the binding service. The binding service mainly uses the plates of the manufacturer regularly. However, there are certain risks for both parties. For the manufacturer, the integrity of individual customers needs to be strengthened, which makes it more difficult to fulfill the commitment; For customers, it can be selectively reduced while obtaining excellent matching degree

the second difference is the route supported by the printer. Representative manufacturer Heidelberg. The equipment in Heidelberg is obvious to all. Needless to say, it is a pity to be absent from this exhibition. At the same time of producing equipment, various small CTPs are assisted. The advantage lies in the better docking and compatibility between CTP and equipment. It is easier for manufacturers to find the cause of problems in any link as a whole. Similarly, there are also shortcomings. When manufacturers advocate that their equipment is more compatible with CTP at the same time, does it mean that the compatibility between this equipment and CTP equipment of other brands is poor

the third difference is the route of focusing on CTP and strengthening hardware. Representative manufacturer - Big Japan screen. Big Japan screen has been committed to attracting customers by improving the stability of its own equipment and perfect customer service, so as to reduce customers' costs and obtain greater benefits. For example, the unique folding hand and edition room work monitoring system of its CTP equipment is a detail advantage in hardware. The advantage of "single mindedness" is that if it only does CTP, it needs to set up a variety of curve processes suitable for other brand plates in the CTP. For users, this openness means that there is more randomness in the use process. The disadvantages also come from "single mindedness". Without the support of materials and equipment, can we more effectively understand the performance of materials and equipment? Similarly, does more compatibility mean a decrease in accuracy? These two points are what customers doubt

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