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No overhaul for Cummins heavy-duty engine in million kilometers

no overhaul for engine in million kilometers? Yes, you heard it correctly. For Cummins heavy engines, it is not a myth that there is no overhaul for millions of kilometers, and there have been many users without overhaul for millions of kilometers in China. Among them, Xinjiang user jiangzhenhui is a new member of Cummins million kilometers club

with more than ten years of driving experience, jiangzhenhui is the most familiar with trucks, and there are many natural brands of trucks he has driven. At present, the longest used is a Shaanxi Automobile Delong tractor equipped with Cummins ism engine produced by Xi'an Cummins. Although Shaanxi Automobile Delong is very common in the local area, few users used this engine when jiangzhenhui purchased the car

"there are a lot of coal hauling in Xinjiang. Take Hami for example. In the past, large trucks with tens or even hundreds of tons of coal hauling green plastic materials were widely used in the construction market. Of course, overload and overrun are now strictly checked. The state has regulations and everyone's transportation is standardized. According to the previous standards, buying a car depends on the chassis and engine of the truck." Jiangzhenhui said that when he bought the truck, he mainly focused on the carrying capacity of the truck. Unexpectedly, the engine gave him more surprises

jiangzhenhui started to do transportation alone. With the increase of time, he became more and more skilled in transportation and became more and more clear about the doorways inside. He gradually developed into the current transportation team. At present, he has five transportation vehicles, two of which are equipped with Cummins ism engines. Just as jiangzhenhui expected, the carrying capacity of the truck was no problem at all. With the "better than expected performance" of the engine, jiangzhenhui's transportation business was booming. "This engine is too solid. It hasn't been overhauled yet." When talking about Cummins engine, jiangzhenhui used the most grounded word "leather" but to describe it

after the engine is disassembled, it can be clearly shown that after millions of kilometers of running in, these engine parts still remain in a very good state

jiangzhenhui's transportation team mainly starts from Hami and goes to Zhejiang, Guangzhou and other places to transport local specialties in Xinjiang, and most of them come back in Department stores. It is nearly thousands of kilometers from Hami to Guangzhou, and it takes 12 days to transport each time. "A car can transport 2.5 times a month at most. Three times is too tight to catch up. In this way, the Cummins ism engine has reached 1million kilometers in about six years." Jiangzhenhui was happy in his words

as the "heart" of the truck, the engine is undoubtedly the most concerned part of every user. The vitality of the heart is directly related to the service life of the truck. Jiangzhenhui takes great care of the "old man". "The quality of Cummins ism engine is really good. The strain pulse can propagate along the waveguide at the speed of ultrasonic waves. They don't like to be bad. They usually go to the service station for maintenance regularly. This is very important. Moreover, the road conditions are good now. The whole journey is at high speed. There is absolutely no problem when driving." Jiangzhenhui said

in Xinjiang, there are many people like Jiang Zhenhui who do transportation. Everyone has a large or small transportation fleet. Although the truck brands are different, now everyone pays more attention to the comprehensive use cost of vehicles, rather than just the one-time purchase cost. "Transportation has been difficult in the past two years. This year, compared with last year, it has dropped by 12%, so transportation costs must be well controlled." The non overhaul of the engine has undoubtedly saved jiangzhenhui a lot of maintenance costs, and the non prone engine ensures that the vehicle can run on the road all the time. The transportation efficiency is improved, and the money is certainly earned

dealing with trucks has become a part of Jiang Zhenhui's life. He looks at the trucks full of goods coming in and out every day. The horizontal tensile testing machine provided by Jinan assaying factory has electronic and electro-hydraulic servo to command the fleets passing through Xinjiang, Zhejiang and even Guangdong. His heart is full of happiness. One person, several cars, and a million kilometers of Cummins engine without overhaul have connected jiangzhenhui's transportation dream

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