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Ctrip Call Center settled in Yongchuan Yongchuan Software Park in late August 2016, Ctrip held a project signing ceremony with Yongchuan District software outsourcing park, and Ctrip call center officially signed a contract to settle in Yongchuan. In the future, the two sides will jointly build the first offshore overseas call center project of Ctrip based on Yongchuan, and promote the innovative development of Yongchuan software and information technology service industry

as a leading comprehensive travel service company in China, Ctrip has successfully integrated the high-tech industry with the traditional travel industry, providing over 250million members with all-round travel services including wireless applications, hotel reservations, air ticket reservations, tourism vacations, business travel management and tourism information. It is known as a model of seamless integration of Internet and traditional tourism. At the same time, with its stable business development and excellent profitability, it has more than 30000 employees and was successfully listed on NASDAQ in December2003

it is understood that Ctrip chose to settle in Yongchuan software park. The important thing is that it took a fancy to the supporting advantages of the industrial environment and the soft service ability of Yongchuan District. Since its establishment in 2008, Yongchuan software park has gradually formed six industrial clusters, including BPO, ITO, entrepreneurship incubation, headquarters economy, e-commerce and human resources. It has built 147000 m2 of industrial buildings and 35000 m2 of talent apartments. At present, it has more than 11000 employees and more than 6000 seats. Among them, the BPO industry, which is the start and development of the park, has rich service and operation experience. Users who need to purchase high and low temperature impact testing machines hope to find a reliable manufacturer of high and low temperature impact testing machines, which is rated as one of the top ten national call center Parks, innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration bases of China's service outsourcing parks with the most development potential, top ten smart parks, and top ten service outsourcing parks. Next, the two sides will take this cooperation on February 26 as an opportunity to give full play to the comprehensive advantages of Yongchuan Software Park in infrastructure, talent services and other aspects to realize the win-win development of comprehensive 23. PP pipes for water supply: some parameters qb/t 1929 ⑵ 006 polypropylene (PP) pipes for buried water supply and employment

xiongxue, Secretary of Yongchuan District Party committee, dengwen, member of the Standing Committee of the district Party committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the district new urban construction management committee, zhaohongsheng, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the District People's Congress, kongping, deputy head of the district government, liguangyuan, vice chairman of the District People's Political Consultative Conference, shaohaisheng, senior director of Human Resources Department of Ctrip, Dai Mianbao, deputy general manager of the large accommodation business group, etc., Beiyun, director of Technology Department Fang Shaodong, and tangyunxiang, director of hotel reservation department attended the signing ceremony

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