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For novices who first come into contact with decoration, the budget and determination of decoration quotation are their most concern, because even if it is the same community, the house type is different, the corresponding quotation is naturally different, and sometimes even the same house type, the style is different, the quotation will be different. To put it bluntly, whether in the early stage of decoration or in the process of decoration, the decoration quotation can not be ignored. Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan Decoration network takes the 89 square meter house type of Haifu Jiangcheng Tianyun as an example, hoping to give you a guiding reference

[Haifu Jiangcheng Tianyun house information]

Haifu Jiangcheng Tianyun; Area: 89 square meters; Structure: 2 rooms, 2 halls, 1 bathroom and 1 kitchen; (you can participate in the Group decoration of the community)

89 square meters is a small house type, and the pattern of two bedrooms and two living rooms is more suitable for a family of three. From the house type diagram, there is an open study on the side of the door and a kitchen on the side. The design still needs a qualitative hurry. The small house type of 89 square meters needs more development in functional design. Therefore, the owner requires the designer to creatively design a beautiful and practical home design scheme for this house type. Of course, his favorite style is mainly Mediterranean style

[Haifu Jiangcheng Tianyun house decoration quotation]

the importance of decoration quotation is needless to say. I believe many owners understand it. Does the quotation information of Haifu Jiangcheng Tianyun decoration sorted out by the above small compilation make you more information? Perhaps you are preparing to decorate your home and haven't found a suitable Wuhan decoration company yet, so you might as well pay attention to the Wuhan Decoration bidding together with the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network now. More than 60 Wuhan decoration companies provide you with professional home decoration services free of charge, and more than three decoration companies measure your house and design plans for you free. Professional home decoration supervisors review your budget and carry out water and electricity acceptance for you free, which saves trouble and worry in decoration

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