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Recently, in view of the hot complaints and concerns of consumers in the laminate flooring consumption market, the China Consumer Association and the China Forestry Industry Association jointly issued a consumption warning to remind consumers to pay attention to the six major problems existing in the current laminate flooring consumption market and the problems that consumers are easy to ignore

warning 1: it is recommended to buy Laminate flooring with a normal price of more than 70 yuan per square meter

according to consumers, there are many brands of laminate flooring in the market, and the prices are also uneven. The high one is one or two hundred yuan per square meter, and the low one is only thirty or forty yuan per square meter. It is difficult for them to judge what is the normal selling price

authoritative analysis: Recently, the raw material cost of laminate flooring is increasing. Therefore, under normal business conditions, consumers are advised to buy Laminate flooring with a normal price of more than 70 yuan per square meter, taking into account various factors such as product costs, operating expenses, installation services and auxiliary material costs. Excessive pursuit of low-cost products will bury hidden dangers for their own floor quality

warning 2: the quality of laminate flooring accessories and accessories is as important as the floor itself.

at present, most consumers pay great attention to the quality, especially the environmental protection and health indicators, when buying the floor, but they do not pay enough attention to the quality problems of flooring accessories and accessories

authoritative analysis: compared with the floor itself, the proportion of auxiliary materials and accessories (such as baseboard, buckle, floor mat, glue, etc.) is small, the price is low, and it is easy to be ignored. According to experts, the quality of auxiliary materials and accessories directly affects the paving quality, overall effect, service life and comprehensive price of the floor. Therefore, it is suggested that consumers should pay special attention to the quality of the above accessories and accessories when purchasing floor products, and try to buy accessories and accessories matching the floor brand

warning 3: installation quality cannot be ignored. In addition to the quality of the floor itself, the installation service of the floor is also very important

this is what people often say "three products, seven installations". The installation technology of laminate flooring is very high. No matter how good the product is, it will not achieve satisfactory results without good installation technology

authoritative analysis: floor installation is a highly professional work, and the installation personnel must receive special training and pave according to scientific installation specifications. It is recommended that consumers choose a flooring brand that can provide professional installation services, and its warranty period is at least one year from the date of installation completion

warning 4: it is necessary to correctly identify functional laminate flooring

since 2004, various functional floors have appeared in the laminate flooring market, and various manufacturers have launched floors with special functions such as geothermal floor, waterproof floor, antibacterial floor, antistatic floor, etc

authoritative analysis: according to the relevant experts of the national wood-based panel quality supervision and inspection center, the efficacy of some functional floors has not been standardized by national standards at present, and the standards referred to by enterprises themselves are also different, which brings certain difficulties to the judgment of their efficacy. At present, a considerable number of laminate flooring products with special functions can only play an auxiliary role, and consumers cannot rely too much on it or be credulous at will. It is suggested that when consumers choose laminate flooring products with special functions, they should pay attention to whether the technology used by the manufacturer has been recognized by the relevant departments, and ask the merchants for the test report of the authoritative department at the same time

warning 5: consumers should buy reputable brand flooring

some products with poor quality and no brand in the market are usually sold in non-standard places, and the rights and interests of consumers cannot be guaranteed

authoritative analysis: according to the relevant person in charge of China Forest Products Industry Association, consumers should not be greedy for cheap, but should choose brands with reputation, especially those brands that have passed the national sampling inspection in recent years. Whether the quality and service of floor products are excellent depends on the relevant qualification certification of the enterprise. For example, quality management should pass ISO9001 certification, environmental protection should pass ISO14001 and China environmental label product certification

warning 6: consumers should be good at safeguarding their rights and interests

in view of the above problems and the situation reflected by the China Consumer Association in accepting complaints, some consumers do not pay attention to saving invoices, contracts and other relevant evidence after purchasing laminate flooring. After a consumption dispute, they are unable to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests due to lack of evidence

for this reason, the China Consumer Association reminds consumers to pay attention to: sign a clear contract with the operator for sales and installation services, including product quality, installation acceptance terms, warranty period, warranty and other terms; In case of disputes, the records of negotiation with the manufacturer and the products with problems shall be kept as accurately as possible; Pay attention to asking for the warranty card, certificate of conformity and sales invoice of the product; When consumers have questions about the products they buy, they can go to the national wood-based panel quality supervision and Inspection Center for testing and identification; If there is a consumption dispute, you can complain to the consumer associations at all levels. If you find clues to the production and sale of fake goods, you should report it to the national administrative law enforcement department





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