Have you seen a magic play with Douban rating of 9

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This literary film starring Uncle Zhang, the national male god, triggered a contradiction between me and the male ticket in minutes

dear fans, how was your weekend

520, Dandan and men's tickets ride their bikes and feel the rare coolness of Guangzhou

however, in the evening

as a senior pseudo Wenqing, I found a divine drama

story on Douban that I missed scoring 9.0, and it began

this literary and artistic film starring Uncle Zhang, the national male god, triggered a contradiction between me and male tickets in minutes. He strongly condemned my 24-hour continuous crazy pursuit of drama, and his indifference to him also caused his strong dissatisfaction. What can I do? I'm also very desperate. So, in order not to let this drama affect our relationship, I finally caught up with the update progress for more than ten hours, one night, one day, and fell asleep beside the man ticket

the first thing to wake up is to appease the male ticket, and the second thing is to brush! Play! Comment! It's boring to chase a play alone, but it's interesting to chase a play by a group of people

I deeply feel that this brother has the ability to predict the future. Not only are the comments professional and well grounded, but Douban scored 9.0, which shows how much the show has harvested the hearts of fans like me

I'm here, I'm here, I want to raise all my claws, just for you -- "White Deer Plain". A really good play must stand the test of the market and have the ability to capture people's hearts

slow hit dramas will give people a strong feeling in the medium term. Is it the same with slow hit people? For example, Zhang Jiayi and Dandan. (for the first time, Dandan was finally next to the name of the idol, so happy)

it's easy to make it big, but it's difficult to cultivate it carefully. From the details of "White Deer Plain", we can see the intentions of the directors and actors. Especially the actor Zhang Jiayi, the overall performance is a capital word

tonight, the lovely lark is going to school in the city. What else happens in Yuanshang





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