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We are determined to mobilize all forces to complete the transformation from "factory quality management" to "customer quality management" based on the spirit of craftsman, zero tolerance for errors, and achieve post retail products

on the morning of December 16, Wang li'anfang Technology Co., Ltd. held a quality conference in the multi-function hall on the fifth floor of the group. More than 200 people, including 9 outstanding dealer representatives and quality supervisors from all over the country, as well as industry heads, quality management personnel, employee representatives, attended the conference. Wang Shunda, vice president of Wangli group, stressed that the purpose of holding this quality conference is to implement total quality management, pursue excellence, unremittingly strengthen technological innovation and quality improvement, constantly improve the quality of products and services, and make the world fall in love with Wangli Zhizao

vice president Wang Shunda delivered an important speech. He pointed out that in the fierce market competition, if an enterprise wants to seek greater development, it must first create first-class quality and win users with first-class products and services. Therefore, we are determined to mobilize all forces to complete the transformation from "factory quality management" to "customer quality management" based on the spirit of craftsman, zero tolerance for errors, and realize the post retail of products. Only in this way can the enterprise realize its maximum value, give more material returns to dealers and employees, and stand at the forefront of the volatile and turbulent market

dealer representative and quality supervisor zhaoshiping and Li Zhi made statements at the meeting. They said that as long as we Wang Li family share the same desire, continue to pay attention to product innovation, start from every detail, take building a century old Wang Li as our own responsibility, take improving product quality as the goal, and form a Wang Li brand running on a par with quality, we can continue to lead the development of the world door lock industry and make Wang lizhizao famous in the world

then, Wang Shunda led everyone to face the nine excellent dealer representatives and quality supervisors, raised their right hands and solemnly vowed: first, we should always keep in mind the concept that "ignoring quality is equal to murdering the enterprise and smashing the jobs of all employees" and carry out quality management to the end. 2、 We welcome all dealers to put forward their valuable opinions, straighten out their mentality, accept them with an open mind, and strictly deal with those who retaliate. 3、 We strictly implement the standard of "highlighting details, strengthening standards and achieving zero defects", strive to optimize the process and provide satisfactory and moving products and services for dealers. 4、 We consciously accept the supervision of dealers, consumers, the government and society, and take the fulfillment of quality commitments and the pursuit of quality integrity as the unremitting goal of the company's development

finally, Wang Shunda made a concluding speech. He stressed that as long as we adhere to the chairman's "craftsman spirit of dedication, dedication, perseverance, continuous summary and optimization", strictly follow the ISO9001 quality management and TS16949 automobile management system standards for production, strictly implement the ID card steel seal number management system, who makes mistakes, who buys the order, strictly adhere to the "five not let go" principle, and strive for product excellence, Coupled with the strict supervision of the product quality supervision committee and the joint efforts of all employees, we will be able to create a safe, convenient and world-class "national door lock" to provide satisfactory and moving products and services to global consumers





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