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In order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, Shenzhen completed the construction of lighting performance projects. A large-scale variety show "chasing dreams - starting from reform and opening up" was held in the citizen center on the 20th. Shenzhen Mufan lighting, as the main supplier of products, its 800000 point light source brilliance matrix added color to the charming "Shenzhen night"

the lighting performance in the central area of Shenzhen takes the central axis, Shennan Avenue and other important visual angles as the display interface, forming a night scene pattern with the citizen center as the core and Ping'an building as the landmark. At the same time, organize the elements of regional night view, build a shocking overall linkage and a three-dimensional demonstration interface with rich levels with advanced intelligent control means and innovative visual expression methods, create a characteristic digital night view boutique, and form a night view business card of Shenzhen

this lighting performance highlights the theme of reform and opening up Connotation and far-reaching significance "Our xpressn lux can replace the expensive leather material meaning. It is divided into four chapters, which are mainly displayed as follows:

Chapter 1: the city of mountains and seas

shows the speed of Shenzhen, which has changed from a mountain and sea fishing village to a modern city in only 40 years. It began to show the mountains and sea in the style of classical painting, a quiet and peaceful scene. The changing stars indicate the changes of the times. In the new era, the pace is accelerated, and the architectural light and shadow show is used to express Shenzhen The construction has a small impact on the heavy load, and the speed is set. The picture sometimes enters the seabed and appears an active school of fish, and sometimes jumps out of the sea. The golden sunshine illuminates a better life

Chapter 2: the window of reform

shows the wonderful epitome of Shenzhen's historic changes and evokes people's common memories. Under the guidance of the lighthouse, minghualun sailed into the port through the wind and waves, marking the beginning of reform and opening up. Shekou's first shot sounded the horn of reform. The image of ruziniu represents the pioneering spirit of Shenzhen people. From Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Luohu port to Gaoshan banyan and qianhaishi, Shenzhen has always been at the forefront of reform. Finally, the golden roc spread its wings and soared in the sky, reviewing the brilliant achievements in the past 40 years

Chapter 3: city of innovation

Shenzhen is the capital of makers and innovation, and its development leading strategy is technology makers. It gathers financial centers around the world through light and shadow, and is the most cutting-edge art performance and fashion T-stage show. Aircraft and high-speed rail represent convenient transportation facilities in Shenzhen. Genetic engineering, unmanned aerial vehicles and robots represent the scientific and technological level of Shenzhen and lead the world

Chapter 4: the realm of harmony

shows the scene of harmonious coexistence between nature and people and a better life in Shenzhen. Through mangroves and birds, flowers and butterflies to show a beautiful natural environment. Young people are running and dancing in the square. The children were playing and chasing on the beach. Under the blue sky and sea, yachts and sailboats shuttle, a scene of happy life. Finally, the fireworks rose from the bottom and bloomed in the air, emitting golden light

at the end of the performance, there is "welcome to Shenzhen", which shows that Shenzhen is an open and inclusive city, embodying the spirit and characteristics of Shenzhen

in this night scene project, Mufan lighting mainly participates in the lighting transformation of all six glass columns in the civic center square, and the 3000 square meter grid covers six glass boxes in the square

there are 800000 point light sources in total, and a single point light source is an independent pixel. Each pixel can achieve 65536 gray level changes. The control technology of high gray, high brush and no stroboscopic makes the color changes and animation effects more smooth, delicate and realistic

on the energy-saving setting, the brightness of the entire video animation is adjusted according to the needs of the picture content, effectively avoiding the problem of light pollution during the lighting show

in the effect display, the LED screen effect interacts with the projection and sound. Citizens can play in the square. Through the trigger of the interactive projection signal, the interaction between people and projection can be transmitted to the glass box in real time, which is not only the interaction under their feet, but also a visual feast, Xinlun technology has completed the acquisition of the "lithium battery soft package aluminum plastic film project" under Japanese letterpress on August 1, 2016, stimulating the company to test the water with tourists and interact with many lithium batteries

in addition, it is linked with 43 buildings in the central area to form impressive pictures according to the theme of the light show, interpreting the brilliant development of Shenzhen

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