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Shenzhen Guangming New Area starts the construction of roof photovoltaic project "green new city"

the construction of "green new city" in Shenzhen Guangming New Area is changing with each passing day. Guangming people are very proud of the city's leading municipal road using LED lighting system, the city's first underground "common trench large load friction and wear tester (1000KN)" and the largest green building demonstration area with the most green buildings evaluated and under construction in China

recently, the author went deep into the streets of Guangming New Area, experienced "green transportation", visited "green buildings", felt "green GDP", and explored the rise track of this "green new city"

1 is the innovation and research and development of new plastic materials and new processing technology

green transportation: the city's first LED lighting road

on September 28, the author came to the spacious and clean Guangming Avenue, and the neat and uniform LED lighting street lights brightened people's eyes

it is reported that this is the first green road in the city to adopt LED lighting system. Compared with ordinary lighting fixtures, LED lighting can save 80000 yuan of electricity per kilometer per year. In the past three years, all the newly built roads in Guangming New Area have adopted LED lighting systems

a unique bus stop on the way attracted the author's attention. The shelter plate of the bus stop to meet its own needs and even the needs of the world is very wide. Only when you look closely, you can know that it is a solar panel, which can not only play the role of heat insulation and shading, but also provide night lighting for the LED display screen and billboard of the waiting booth. It is reported that there are 14 such solar shelters in Guangming New Area

it is understood that 17 trunk roads and more than 30 branch roads that have been built and are under construction in Guangming New Area are constructed in accordance with the green road standard. All pavements are made of noise reduction materials and sidewalks are made of breathable and permeable bricks to eliminate the urban "heat island phenomenon". At the same time, focusing on the planning of "green new city", Guangming New Area has built a 20.7-kilometer slow-moving and pedestrian "greenway system", basically realizing the green city vision of "introducing the countryside into the city and sending the citizens to the countryside"

in fact, there is another mystery in the main road of Guangming New Area. In the invisible underground, there is the city's first underground pipe "common pipe ditch" project

it is reported that the "common pipe trench" can lay all kinds of underground pipelines, such as power, communication, water supply, reclaimed water and gas, which were previously scattered and buried in the same pipe trench for common maintenance and centralized management, which not only saves land, but also avoids the zipper phenomenon of "rifling" of urban roads. At present, Guangming New Area has built 9 kilometers of underground common ditches of urban trunk roads, and another 12 kilometers are under construction

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Green Building: the production base of DuPont solar energy Co., Ltd. in the high-tech park of Guangming New Area, the largest green building demonstration area in China. In 2010, the largest rooftop photovoltaic power generation project in China was launched, and the power station is located on the roof of DuPont's plant

according to the relevant person in charge of DuPont, the project has an installed capacity of about 1.3 MW, an area of about 23000 square meters, and a design life of more than 25 years. It can generate 1.48 million degrees of green power every year, which can save 542 tons of standard coal and reduce 1480 tons of carbon dioxide chamber gas emissions

when I walked into Guangming tuori Industrial Park, I was attracted by the large glass curtain wall. When I asked, I knew that it was one of the demonstration projects of green buildings in Guangming New Area - tuori new energy project

the project integrates many application technologies such as roof and curtain wall photovoltaic power stations, LED lighting, wind power generation, etc. the annual power generation can reach 430000 kwh, which can save 157 tons of standard coal and reduce 430 tons of carbon dioxide chamber gas emissions every year

it is reported that 12 projects in Guangming New Area have passed the national and Shenzhen green building design certification, accounting for 52.4% of the number of green building double certification in Shenzhen

at present, there are 31 green building demonstration projects under construction in Guangming New Area, with a total investment of about 14.5 billion yuan and a total construction area of about 3.18 million square meters. Including 14 affordable housing projects, 9 cultural, educational and health projects, 4 industrial parks, 2 office buildings, 1 urban renewal and 1 real estate project

taking government investment projects as a breakthrough, Guangming New Area has been comprehensively promoted from point to line and from area to area, becoming the largest green building demonstration area with the most green buildings evaluated and under construction in China

according to the relevant person in charge of the Urban Construction Bureau of Guangming New Area, the Department preliminarily analyzed 31 green building demonstration projects

in terms of land saving, the underground space development and utilization rate of residential projects reaches 35%; In terms of energy conservation, the energy-saving rate is more than 50%. About 5014 tons of standard coal can be saved every year, 12400 tons of carbon emissions can be reduced, and 9.467 million yuan of operating costs can be saved

green GDP: initially form a "green industrial cluster"

the industry of Guangming New Area, from planning to construction, is a high starting point and high standard, based on "high, large and new", with circular economy and independent innovation as the core, vigorously develop high-end industries and emerging industries such as new materials and new energy, and gather a number of high-tech industrial projects and high growth enterprises

in the next five years, Guangming New Area plans to build "three 100 billion advantage industries" including flat panel display, led optoelectronics and electronic information; Develop the "three 10billion emerging industries" of solar photovoltaic, biomedicine and new materials; Improve the "three 10billion traditional industries" of underwear, molds, clocks and watches. By cultivating green industrial chains, Guangming New Area will be built into a gathering area of green industries

at present, Guangming New Area has initially formed a "green industry cluster" of flat panel display, led, electronic information, solar photovoltaic, biomedicine, new materials and advantageous traditional industries. The bright "green industry" of solar energy, represented by DuPont solar energy and tuori new energy, has more than 30 supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, nearly 20000 employees, and a complete industrial chain of upstream, middle and downstream has basically taken shape

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