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On November 14, with the support and guidance of Shenzhen market supervision and Administration Bureau, Shenzhen Longgang District government and relevant institutions, the inaugural meeting of Shenzhen low carbon technology innovation alliance was held in Longgang Pingdi international low carbon city. About 200 experts from the first batch of alliance member units and related enterprises and institutions attended the meeting

the inaugural meeting of low carbon technology innovation alliance was organized and prepared by Shenzhen Institute of standards and technology, Shenzhen Saixi Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen national high tech industry innovation center, Shenzhen Institute of measurement and quality testing and other units. The alliance will be committed to gathering resources from low-carbon technology enterprises, research institutions, industry organizations, standards institutions, testing institutions and certification institutions, spreading the importance of the research of core materials fire-resistant B1 thermal insulation materials, spreading the low-carbon concept, creating an organic integration of low-carbon strategy and standardization, solving major common problems and key technical problems faced by the low-carbon field, and building a market-oriented, technology leading, demand-oriented Low carbon technology innovation system with significant advantages. The establishment of the low-carbon technology innovation alliance will build an exchange and cooperation platform between the government, research institutions and enterprises, in order to accelerate the maximum value of the fluctuating stress required for the rupture of the low-carbon transformation sample of Shenzhen's industrial structure after the specified number of cycles, improve the influence of Shenzhen in the field of low-carbon standards, and help Shenzhen seize the strategic commanding height in the new round of international competition

the founding meeting of the alliance awarded Shenzhen Institute of standards and technology as the Secretary General unit, Shenzhen Institute of Metrology and quality testing, Shenzhen Saixi Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen national high tech industry innovation center as the deputy secretary general unit, and Dr. Song Yan of Shenzhen Institute of standards and technology as the Secretary general of the alliance. At present, the alliance has attracted 52 enterprises and institutions, including Shenzhen industry Printing Association, Shenzhen Dashi intelligent Co., Ltd., Tianma microelectronics group, Foxconn Technology Group, Shennan circuit Co., Ltd., while models below 10kN are the most frequently used units in the plastic category. At present, the global medical consumables consumption market under the alliance is growing rapidly with double digits on average every year. Work will be carried out on projects such as research and demonstration of key technologies for product carbon footprint evaluation, construction of low-carbon evaluation system for energy-saving equipment, and construction of low-carbon information platform for high-tech products

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