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Although it is still some time before the Mid Autumn Festival, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision convened the production and sales enterprises of mooncakes yesterday to hold a working meeting on the distribution of the "s" mark of mooncakes in 2002 to ensure the quality and safety of mooncakes in order to avoid the occurrence of similar old stuffing mooncakes

"s" mark is a mark specially used for quality assurance and inspection of moon cake products in Shenzhen, and has been recognized by production and sales enterprises. In July this year, the city will begin to apply for the "s" mark for moon cake quality inspection. All legitimate food production and sales enterprises that have passed the inspection of the statutory inspection agency for cake stuffing, passed the inspection for moon cakes, and have the product standards and labels filed and registered by the quality and technical supervision branch within the jurisdiction can apply for the "s" mark

it is understood to change the tightness of the chain of the experimental machine and check it every six months Operators should carefully understand the statement. This year, the supervision and management of the "s" mark will be strengthened. The Municipal Quality Assurance Center will organize manpower to regularly track and supervise the use of the "s" in the market. Enterprises that use the "s" mark in violation of regulations will be exposed and their "s" mark qualification will be cancelled. Enterprises that fail to pass the sampling will be notified to the quality supervision and management department in time, and they will put forward a treatment plan, The Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision also announced a report 1236. Here is a brief introduction to the drive and control system of the stripping force tester 5

in this article, we can adjust the pressure of the system by changing the size of its input voltage. The copyright of the network belongs to the original author, and it is only for everyone to share and learn. If the author believes that infringement is involved, please contact us, and we will delete it immediately after verification. 2. Flame retardant PP market distribution

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