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Shenzhen jieshengda Technology launched single and double output active high-precision analog signal isolation transmitter

Shenzhen jieshengda Technology launched single input/double output active high-precision analog signal isolation transmitter/isolation amplifier. The isolation transmitter is single channel input and double channel output. It is widely used in petrochemical industry, food processing, industrial automation control, power electronics, environmental protection industry, atomic energy research and development institutions, etc

the din35 1x2 Mi of Shenzhen jieshengda technology will last for about 120 days -v (I) x-px-v (o) x active single channel input dual channel output high-precision analog signal isolation transmitter. It is a signal conditioner that transforms, amplifies and isolates the analog signal electrically insulated between input and output, receives various analog signal inputs of field instruments, and performs signal transformation and conditioning through the analog signal isolation transmitter, It is transmitted to the control room, PLC, PC and DCS system in the form of standard analog signal or special analog signal specified by the user. The input, output and working power supply of this product are isolated from each other. New isolation measures are adopted to not only isolate the input, output and working power supply, but also isolate each channel of this product from each other. The isolation voltage is as high as 2500vdc. This product is widely used in industrial field, power monitoring, medical electronic equipment, analog signal isolation and acquisition of power isolation and measurement. The analog signal isolation transmitter adopts electromagnetic isolation technology. Compared with the optocoupler signal isolation transmitter, it has better output accuracy, small temperature drift characteristics and good linearity. It is suitable for vibration and wet industrial sites. The standard din35mm guide rail installation method is convenient for users to install

model selection example:

example 1: input channel 1:ma; Output channel 1:ma; Output channel 2:ma; Working power supply: 24VDC; Product model: din35 1x2 mi-i4-p1-io1

abs, as force measuring pointer rotation will slow down, mixed with PMMA, it can produce high gloss abs

example 2: input channel 1:vdc; Output channel 1:vdc; Output channel 2:vdc; Working power supply: 15Vdc; Product model: din35 1x2 mi-v2-p2-vo4

detailed technical data download:

product size drawing:

different drawings according to the measures and means taken:

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