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Shenzhen ICIF: the design and manufacturing industries throw "Hydrangea"

as one of the series of activities in the industrial design exhibition area of the ICIF, which requires a low rotating speed of the turntable, on the afternoon of the opening day of the fifth ICIF on May 15, the industrial design industry docking conference with the theme of "docking industry · connecting with the world" was held at the creative design museum. Li Wuwei, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, executive vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese people's Republic of China and President of Shanghai Creative Industry Association, and Zhu Tao, chairman of China Industrial Design Association attended the meeting

the conference was hosted by Shenzhen Industrial Design Industry Association, which jointly organized many manufacturing industries, including household appliances, medical devices, toys and gifts, lighting appliances, instruments and meters, craft gifts and other associations, and attracted the participation of Dutch design company in Guangdong, Taiwan Creative Design Center, Shunde Industrial Design Association and other institutions

buyers release design requirements

sannuo is a brand familiar to many audio enthusiasts. Since the end of last year, sannuo digital has entered the field of notebook computers. The relevant person in charge believes that at present, the computer platforms of major brands are homogenized, and the space for technology to play is getting smaller and smaller, and the appearance design will be the place that can best reflect the differentiation. Sannuo will launch three notebook computers for business, young women and men. All interested design institutions can submit plans. They will organize experts to screen and select five. The finalists will pay the design fee

at the meeting, a number of production enterprises released demand information. The scope of the project involves consumer electronics, household appliances, medical equipment, instruments and meters, light-duty machines, uniform molten tow deposition to a fixture, sports and entertainment equipment and other fields

the design requirements are released on the stage, and the offline connection has been quietly carried out. Donghai Inspur industrial design company has always focused on medical design. Song Zhihui, its project director, exchanged business cards with Zheng Qi, the marketing director of the purchaser Ji Unicom. Songzhihui said that it is their consistent practice to find customers at the exhibition, and the docking will be open and more efficient due to demand

design agency self promotion

as "Party B", the first person to show himself on the stage is wangyongcai, vice president of jialantu construction design company, which strives to complete all new material projects in Nanzhuang within 5 years. Wang Yongcai said that the information released by the manufacturer has made him think about whether the ability and demand of design can be matched. "The benefits and value brought by industrial design to customers are also the value of our survival". In the past, the company's projects were entrusted by customers. Now the newly developed service model is to study the market and consumer needs first, and then design a complete set of solutions to seek market cooperation. He welcomed manufacturers to negotiate and connect

the officials of the Dutch consulate in Guangdong personally came to the stage to promote "Dutch design". At present, the Netherlands has more than 10 industrial design institutions in Guangdong, with a total of 408 designers and abrasive bucket groups. They came to three design agencies on this trip. In addition, some brand design enterprises including Maxey, Xinlei, Rococo, chocolate, etc. also made enterprise promotion at the docking meeting

the docking meeting is fresh and practical

ZHU Tao, chairman of the China Industrial Design Association, said that the docking meeting is a good form. It will build a bridge between design and industry, and promote the design industry in Shenzhen and even the whole country to play an important role

hurongzhen, deputy director of the Department of industrial design, School of machinery, Huazhong University of science and technology, told that the docking meeting was very fresh and practical. She hopes to find top design companies here to pave the way for industrial upgrading of manufacturing enterprises in Wuhan and even Hubei Province

the docking parties send the demand to Shenzhen Industrial Design Association, which sends the information to the manufacturing enterprise, which then selects the design scheme and the design company. Luo Huan, CEO of Shenzhen Xinlei industrial product design Co., Ltd., who came to the scene to promote the enterprise brand, recognized this model. He said, "the industry matchmaking meeting is a direct and fast way, and because of the involvement of Shenzhen Design Industry Association, it has increased the sense of trust between the supply and demand sides."

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