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Shenzhen Jindi Mingfeng garden's new house leaks too much. The owner uses buckets to connect it.

Shenzhen Jindi Mingfeng garden's new house leaks too much. The owner uses buckets to connect it.

March 11, 2015

[China paint information] "the stairs are shaking, the floor is loose, the wall is wet, and the floor drain is blocked..." on March 9, a friend posted a Weibo saying that the quality of the Jindi Mingfeng project is poor. On March 10, Shenzhen came to Jindi Mingfeng Garden Phase II, Baohe Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen in the evening, and more than a dozen rights owners gathered in the community. According to the owner's report, as early as the end of January this year, the second phase of Jindi Mingfeng garden has been delivered, but many owners have been delayed in using the unit due to problems such as water leakage. The asset manager and the monitor of the operation team failed to check in

the owner complains that there are many quality problems in the "hardbound house"

Ms. Wang is engaged in foreign trade in Bao'an and has worked hard in Shenzhen for 6 years. He and her husband currently rent in Nanshan. In 2013, the second phase of Jindi Mingfeng Garden opened. Ms. Wang was attracted by the advertisements of Jindi Mingfeng for "realizing the dream of duplex in one step" and "the dream of three generations living together". Tomorrow, after working hard in Shenzhen for many years, is the last day of Chinaplas, and she is eager to have a suite to settle down

"the house price here is much cheaper. In addition, it is a duplex house type, and the whole family can live in it." Ms. Wang is full of expectations for the newly purchased house. Although she has worked in Shenzhen for many years, she has not much savings, so she bought a house with the support of her parents. Until the house was delivered in January this year, Ms. Wang was not happy after seeing her new house. The "fine decoration" originally advertised by developers has become a short promise. "When the house is closed, there is water seepage on the walls of the house, and some wall skins fall off. The quality of the door, floor and marble washstand is very poor. The so-called fine decoration is just a cover." Ms. Wang said

Ms. Wang told Shen Wan that her family had been unable to move in because of the quality problems of the new house. Another owner revealed that up to now, many owners in the second phase of the community have not yet moved in


the owner used barrels to pick up

Shenwan, led by the owner, randomly visited several houses in Jindi Mingfeng phase II, and found that these houses had different degrees of water leakage. Deep night saw in one of the duplex houses that because the bathroom on the second floor was using water, the water leaked down the wall. Therefore, the owner of the house usually did not dare to use the bathroom on the second floor

in building a, unit 3 of the community, Ms. ye, the owner, told Shenwan that their family moved in on the sixth day of the lunar new year because of the problem of children going to school, but they have also been suffering from house leakage. In a small bedroom on the second floor of Ms. Ye's home, I saw a bucket in the room. "I can't help it. The water leakage is too serious, so I can only take a bucket." Ms. Ye seemed a little helpless

in addition to the problem of water leakage, the non-standard installation of wires is also one of the most worrying problems of owners. "Some wires are exposed outside, and the house leaks. It's too dangerous." Ms. ye said. "There are too many problems in the house." The owner surnamed Xu said, "the elevator also has potential safety hazards. The elevator is not running smoothly, and there have been several incidents of falling directly from the high floor to the low floor."

Ms. Xu, the owner, reported to Shenwan that staff followed her to inspect the house and register the problems in the house. She filled out the form according to the problems found. "At that time, many problems were registered, but no one took the initiative to contact us to solve them." Ms. Xu said that even some owners filled in seven sheets of paper to register the problems of the house

the company said that if there is a problem, it will never avoid it

in order to protect its own rights and interests, some owners of Jindi Mingfeng Garden Phase II held a owners' rights protection meeting at the community club last Sunday

according to the owner Ms. Xu, the fire rating of many parts has been increased. At present, more than 400 owners have participated in the rights protection, accounting for one third of the owners of the whole phase II

on March 10, the owners drew up an open letter to the senior management of Jindi group, listing 10 main problems existing in the house, including hidden dangers of water and electricity, elevator safety, building exterior wall damage, etc. It puts forward 12 demands to express to the owner all kinds of acceptance documents, quality details of materials for construction and decoration, contract documents, detailed drawings of housing and water and electricity installation, and also requires Jindi headquarters and the property to clearly reply to the rectification period, quality standards, and five rectification standards, such as signing and stamping the contract seal when delivering to the owner

after 18:00 on March 10, Shenzhen evening contacted a Mr. Huang of Jindi Baocheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and sent an interview letter to the other party, hoping to know the company's response to the owner's problems

according to him, the company has received the problem reflected by the owner and is thinking about how to solve the problem satisfactorily. It will investigate the problem reflected by the owner and deal with it accordingly. However, due to the late time, many questions could not be answered clearly, but the company promised: "it is our company's problem, and our company will never avoid it."

in the morning of March 10, the owner also reported to the market supervision department through the column of "people's heart bridge" that the purchased building had problems such as leakage and peeling of the wall. Shenzhen evening learned from the municipal market supervision administration that the relevant departments will follow up the investigation and handling in a timely manner and give feedback to the complainants as soon as possible, and ask the municipal Consumer Council to assist consumers in mediating problems and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers

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