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Shenzhen maintenance electrician training certificate class

professional name: Electrician operation certificate (electrician IC card)

registration requirements: at least 18 years old, in good health, with a junior high school education or above

charging standard: 1500 yuan. The operation certificate examination is free of examination fee

registration materials:

1, 4 one inch color photos on white background

2. Two originals and two copies of ID card and graduation certificate

3. One original and one copy of the physical examination form for special operators

4. Fill in 2 copies of application form for issuance of special operation certificate in Guangdong Province

class time: 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Course Introduction: Electrician operation certificate is also called electrician? Post certificate, that is, the operation certificate (electrician) of special operation personnel, which must be held to engage in electrical equipment installation, maintenance and other work, is the certificate of national safety production related training and registration. Through learning and training, the trainees can master the theoretical and professional knowledge related to electrician and power supply and distribution technology. Can you read electricity? Schematic diagram of gas; Master the common electrical equipment of substation and its operation and maintenance, secondary? General knowledge of circuits and automatic devices; Master indoor wiring and low voltage? The installation, construction, inspection and maintenance of power distribution devices, inspection and maintenance of weak current lines and other process specifications, and understand the common sense of "basic electronic technology", so as to achieve the level of independent operation

training objects: employees with junior high school or above education level and determined to engage in the electrical industry, mechanical and electrical students in Colleges and universities, junior electricians, factory technicians and managers engaged in basic maintenance in the front line of the factory

teacher introduction:

teacher Chai, Guangdong special operation examiner qualification, Shenzhen Vocational Skill Training System * * teacher, his teaching style is easy, and the teaching content is easy to explain, which has been highly praised by the majority of students for many years

teaching form: it is divided into three parts: theoretical study, practical operation and examination; The theory adopts on-site classroom teaching. The arrangement of practical training courses is more flexible. Students can freely arrange daytime or evening time to practice in the school practical training room according to their spare time

course content:

safety regulations education, electrotechnics (internal and external line installation), factory electrical control technology, Fundamentals of Electrotechnics and electronics, maintenance electrotechnics, electrical equipment operation, circuit analysis, electromotology, electronics and its electrical measurement, and classroom practice

learning objectives:

1. Be able to master basic electrician theoretical knowledge: including basic knowledge and electrician professional knowledge

2. Be able to master the practical skills of primary electricians: including maintenance electricians, motor maintenance workers, electronic assemblers, power generation and distribution, relay protection, factory power, single-phase motor control, three-phase asynchronous motor control, numerical control maintenance, etc

3. After passing the examination, obtain the national general and searchable "Shenzhen special operation certificate"

4. Be able to legally engage in electrical work nationwide

employment direction:

1 For electromechanical integration equipment application enterprises, engage in the operation, commissioning, maintenance and management of electromechanical integration products

2. For mechatronics product manufacturing enterprises, my task is to ensure the smooth operation of production and the manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of equipment; And can skillfully debug and maintain frequency converter control equipment

3. They can also be engaged in the design and development of mechanical and electrical products and the production technology management of enterprises and workshops in mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing enterprises

4. Can be engaged in sales, service and other work in electrical equipment companies

5. After graduation, I can be engaged in the equipment repair and maintenance of factories and enterprises, and the installation of low-voltage electrical equipment. I have a wide range of employment and large demand. At present, the guidance price of Shenzhen labor department is that the monthly salary of primary electricians is more than 3000 yuan

other matters

1. The theoretical examination place of electrician operation certificate is uniformly arranged by the municipal vocational skill appraisal and guidance office. Candidates are requested to follow the prompts on the examination certificate before the examination

2. For the examination of electrician operation certificate, please go to the formal training and examination institution for collective registration

q: qualification classification of electrician operation certificate

a: electricians are divided into the following types:

1. Special operation certificates issued by the Safety Supervision Bureau: Electrician operation certificates, commonly known as operation certificates, electrician IC cards, and work licenses issued by local safety supervision bureaus, are primary certificates; The qualification certificate for special operation of Construction issued by the former Ministry of construction has been cancelled and unified as the special operation certificate. Electrician operation certificate is divided into high voltage and low voltage. High voltage is used for operating voltage above 1000V, and low voltage is used for operating voltage below 1000V

2. The entry permit issued by the energy administration: the electrician entry permit shall be applied to the supervision bureaus and supervision offices under the national energy administration. With this certificate, you can work in the national electric power station. The electrician's work permit is divided into three categories: low voltage, high voltage and special

3. There are five levels of vocational skill level appraisal certificate issued by the human resources bureau: primary (Level 5 qualification), intermediate (Level 4 qualification), advanced (Level 3 qualification), technician (Level 2 qualification), and senior technician (Level 1 qualification). Professional qualification belongs to technology? Grade is not a professional title, but the state recognizes that the two are treated the same, including salary, housing, household registration, etc. the third level qualification is equivalent to assistant engineer, and the second level qualification corresponds to engineer. Assistant Engineer (primary title), engineer (intermediate title), senior engineer (deputy senior title), Professor engineer, Researcher Engineer (the same as Professor engineer is a senior title)

q: the issuing authority of electrician operation certificate

a: the operation certificate of special work is under the supervision of the State Administration of work safety. The operation certificate of personnel engaged in special work must be familiar with the safety knowledge of corresponding special work and the skills to prevent various accidents. Employees are required to work with a card (IC card), that is, they can work with a certificate only after the State Administration of work safety issues the special operation certificate of the people's Republic of China. After passing the vocational school training, participate in the unified examination organized by the Shenzhen Administration of work safety, and the qualified person will be issued the national general electrician operation certificate

Q: is the validity period of the electrician operation certificate required to be reviewed? How much is the review fee

a: the validity period is six years. The old certificate is reviewed every two years, and the new special operation certificate is reviewed every three years. Renewal and annual examination fee: 300 yuan

q: inquiry method of electrician operation certificate:

a: you can inquire the authenticity at the Safety Supervision Bureau

q: learning time:

the learning time arranged here is about 1.5 months

q: teaching materials used by students

a: electrotechnics (basic part), electrotechnics (safety Part)

q: how long can I get the certificate

a: you can get the certificate 30 working days after you finish the practical part of the exam

q: when to sign up, and what is the latest examination time to ensure the safe and stable operation of the experimental process

a: try to report early and get the certificate early, and arrange the opening time according to the school. The latest theory test is on March 10

q: student registration and examination process:

a: on campus or school front desk consultation - school front desk registration - sending materials to relevant departments for preliminary examination - Physical Training - initial theoretical examination - practical operation examination - public announcement - receiving certificate

q: how much subsidy is the electrician operation certificate in Shenzhen? Where to apply

a: those who verify that Xinlun technology has high hopes for the acquisition of water new materials in Shenzhen will enjoy a subsidy of 800 yuan from the Shenzhen municipal government. After obtaining the certificate, they can apply on the station of human resources and social labor security bureau. Other cities apply to the relevant local departments

Baolong vocational training school

Baolong vocational training school is a professional comprehensive vocational skill training school approved by relevant national government departments and with national vocational qualification certification and training qualification. Mainly engaged in various vocational skills training and vocational qualification certification. The school has established super large comprehensive skill training bases in Pingshan, Luhe and BOLUO, with a total area of more than 8000 square meters. The school is equipped with electrician/welder training room, elevator/automobile maintenance room, forklift training field, fire training room, computer room, theory classroom, comprehensive classroom and many practical training areas, which adopt the combination of theory and practical operation, multimedia and other methods for teaching. With complete training equipment and complete supporting services, it has established long-term cooperative relations with many large enterprises with tens of thousands of people in Shenzhen to provide students with a real and comprehensive practical training environment. Since the establishment of the school for more than ten years, we have been taking high-quality service, serious teaching, rigorous management, paying attention to skills and ensuring quality as our school purpose, and strive to build the school into a * * vocational skills training school. In the long-term operation, the school has formed a complete vocational education system and teaching management system, integrated various advantageous resources, and actively sought to provide students with high-quality teaching and services. Courses and business contents offered throughout the year: electrician/welder training, forklift/crane/Elevator driver training, elevator installation/vehicle maintenance, fire guard/registered fire Engineer/registered safety engineer training, Chinese/Western point division training, beautician/makeup artist training, college/undergraduate distance education consultation and registration and annual review of special certificates, etc. School advantages: famous teachers of regular school institutions enjoy face-to-face government subsidies, free resumption of school and recommended employment

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