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Shenzhen is expected to build a world-class printing center

the printing industry in Shenzhen has made great achievements with advanced technology and equipment since its initial stage. In August, 1979, Shenzhen printing products factory, the first printing enterprise in Shenzhen, was established, 198 with the goal of leading the development of materials science, the world-famous material science research center and the source of global new material output. In October, 2012, it was restructured into a Sino foreign joint venture Shenzhen jianian printing factory. The factory first introduced three off-line Heidelberg offset printing machines, so color high-end books and periodicals, picture books, and color boxes first appeared in the Shenzhen printing market. Since then, the printing history of Shenzhen has opened a new page. In 1984, jianian first participated in the National Book and periodical printing quality evaluation and won the high-quality product award. Therefore, Shenzhen printing was known by domestic peers for the first time. Therefore, jianian was honored as the first printing company in Shenzhen recently

In view of the strong attraction of the preferential policies of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone for the implementation of reform and opening up to the outside world, a large number of foreign-funded enterprises have been established since 1984. By the end of 1987, the city had 45 printing enterprises of all kinds, introduced more than 300 sets of equipment from abroad, and owned a complete set of prepress plate making from convex British flat English gravure printing and silk printing Printing and post press processing technology and equipment, including more than 30 sets of equipment with the advanced level at that time. At this time, the printing industry in Shenzhen has initially met the requirements of different users for different varieties and different grades of printing materials, which can not only replace the requirements of overseas printing, but also gradually expand the ability to undertake overseas printing business, completely changing the past history that Shenzhen could not produce high-end printing materials

since the 1980s, the quality of printing products in Shenzhen has been enjoying a high reputation in the whole country and the whole province. More than half of the main high-end publications in China are printed in Shenzhen, forming a unique phenomenon of "North book and South Ying". The publishing and printing materials exported from Shenzhen are mainly high-precision products, and the packaging and decoration printing are also mainly exquisite packaging materials, anti-counterfeiting marks, etc. At present, more than 60% of the domestic high-end printed books and periodicals, more than 85% of the number books, and more than 90% of the number books, but there are significant differences between the two. The auction catalogue is printed in Shenzhen. The 2008 Olympic bid report of Beijing, China, the 2010 WorldExpo bid report of Shanghai, China, and the complete works of Qi Baishi collected by the German museum are all from printing enterprises in Shenzhen

in Shenzhen's printing industry, the packaging and decoration printing industry plays a leading role, and the publication printing enterprises are the image representatives of Shenzhen's printing industry. Packaging and decoration printing enterprises rank first in the country in terms of number of enterprises, number of employees, total assets and total industrial output value; Although the proportion of publication printing enterprises is less than 4%. However, it occupies 23.14% of the assets and brings 1/5 of the output value of the industry. It has made great achievements at home and abroad in terms of enterprise popularity, product grade and product quality, enterprise benefits and product awards. It is the elite of Shenzhen printing industry and represents the image of Shenzhen printing industry

tanhaohui, President of Shenzhen printing industry association, believes that Singapore and Hong Kong, China are positioned as Asian printing centers, and now Shenzhen is fully capable of competing with them. Shenzhen ranks first in the country in terms of printing quality, process design, printing technology, business management, industrial scale and other aspects, as well as printing equipment, printing materials and supporting services. After 30 years of rapid development, Shenzhen's printing industry is in a leading position in China in terms of brand effect, application technology level, international financing ability, management level, business philosophy and corporate culture, so it is fully capable of becoming a world-class printing center

promote industrial upgrading with high and new technology

Tan Haohui believes that Shenzhen should continue to maintain the production base of China's high-end exquisite packaging and book printing and the country's most important high-end boutique printing center, and use high and new digital technology to promote the continuous upgrading of the printing industry until a memorandum of understanding on cooperation has been reached. Its key areas include: the development of integrated high-end printing industries such as plateless printing, color desktop typesetting, digital printing, multi-color printing equipment, high-end printing materials; Steadily develop hardcover book printing and maintain the brand characteristics of Shenzhen printing; Focus on the development of large and medium-sized printing enterprises and printing enterprises with core technologies, expand the categories of relevant industries such as publishing, media, creative planning, art collection, binding design, further form an industrial cluster with printing as the main line, and expand productive services and creative services to industries related to printing

it is understood that Shenzhen will rely on the advantages of Hong Kong's printing industry in technology, management and other aspects, give full play to the leading role of Shenzhen's large printing enterprises, vigorously develop the headquarters economy of the printing industry, promote industrial upgrading with high-tech means, master advanced printing technology, realize the transformation of the traditional printing industry to high, new, special, refined and specialized, comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of the industry, and is expected to build a world-class printing center

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