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Shenzhen KUKA robot company is of high quality

guide to this article: next, I will explain in detail the high quality of Shenzhen KUKA robot company! Ball valves are mostly used in one-way valves rather than to control fluid flow pressure and flow. (4) This valve uses the relative displacement between the nozzle and the baffle to convert the size of the opening of the liquid fusion path. To complete the control of pressure and flow. This kind of valve is mainly suitable for hydraulic servo control system. The hydraulic control valve of oil press is the control element in the hydraulic transmission system. It has a large amount of fi applications, a wide variety, and a large number of classification methods. The commonly used classification methods of hydraulic control valves are as follows. The basic function classification of the self valve of oil press (the above three points are actually 1 of interdependence and system 1) the directional control valve of oil press is called directional control valve, which is suitable for changing the liquid passage and controlling the direction of working liquid

when it needs to be loosened, pressure oil is introduced into chamber a, and the sliding sleeve 2 compresses the spring 1 under the influence of hydraulic pressure, so that the ball 4 comes out of the groove of ring 3. At this time, the pressure oil pushes the piston to the left. This self-locking arrangement can only be set at the two terminals of the hydraulic cylinder 3、 The tongue self-locking installation drawing of oil press is the tongue self-locking arrangement. When the piston 1 moves to the right with the tongue spring 2 to the terminal, the sleeve 3 pressed by the spring 4 opens the tongue 2 and locks it with the cylinder wall with an external cone. When the fatigue testing machine for bridge concrete components is loosened, the cavity a is filled with pressure oil. Under the influence of hydraulic pressure, the sliding sleeve 3 compression spring 4 moves to the right, and the piston 1 moves to the left with the tongue spring 2. This structure can only be self-locking at the terminal

finally, make the hydraulic oil circulate in the oil tank through the one-way valve to make the oil cylinder/piston cycle to do work, and then complete the mechanical action as a kind of machinery for productivity. KUKA robot company's high-quality oil press and punch are different in the application field: punch: widely used in stamping and forming of electronics, communications, computers, household appliances, furniture, means of transportation, (cars, motorcycles, bicycles) hardware components. The hydraulic press is widely applicable to the processing of spare parts in the automotive industry and the shaping, punching, proofreading of various products in various occupations, as well as the pressing, stamping and forming of shoe-making, handbag, rubber, mold, shaft and shaft sleeve components, the bending, stamping, sleeve stretching and other processes of plate components, as well as clothes washing machine, motor, air conditioning motor, wheel making, shock absorber, motorcycle and machinery

Shenzhen KUKA robot company is of high quality, 1 The oil press selects the appropriate device form. There are a large number of assembly styles of the hydraulic cylinder of the oil press, which have different characteristics Choose the placement mode of the hydraulic cylinder, which is to ensure that the machinery and hydraulic cylinder move freely At the same time, the hydraulic cylinder tends to be fixed, and the device part is in a favorable stress state. In order to obtain a larger degree of freedom, the vast majority of hydraulic cylinders of construction machinery and agricultural machinery use the axis swing type, both using earrings, dumplings, shafts or ball heads and other installation forms, such as telescopic cylinders, variable spoke cylinders, we often encounter more or less the displacement of tension machines, bucket cylinders, hip cylinders, strengthening cylinders, etc. However, the hydraulic cylinders of the worktable of metal cutting machine tools all use axis stable hydraulic cylinders, that is, the installation mode of footings, flanges, etc

especially, if you choose a punch press for adaptation, you should not make any mistakes, so you should be extremely careful. The wrong choice will lead to shorter work efficiency, and may lead to waste of equipment and other results. When selecting the model, the manufacturer should indicate his actual situation, and the manufacturer can introduce the corresponding product model and type. Different models and types of punch equipment can be applied to different industry fields to better analyze efficiency, so the correctness of type selection is the key, and the right choice is more conducive to the promotion of work. Punch press is a very popular equipment in our production. However, many times, there will be a little bit of place and batch products will be exported to add a little annoyance to us. Noise will appear with the use of punch press. Of course, it is inevitable, but we can weaken its power through a little bit of useful form

as a general antirust or just for wear resistance, the lead plating layer can only be 0 03mm is enough. For hydraulic cylinders working in rain and humid air, the plating layer needs to be more than 0.05mm, and it can also be plated. The hydraulic cylinder working in seawater is made of stainless steel and other materials. In addition, stainless steel or Mingjin steel should also be considered for the bolts and nuts of the hydraulic cylinder. The surface hardening of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder of the oil press. The external working conditions of some hydraulic cylinders are very bad, such as the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder of the shovel often collides with sand and stone, and the piston rod or calibration plug of the hydraulic cylinder of the press should directly press the workpiece, so it is necessary to improve the surface hardness of the piston rod

all the above contents are the excellent quality of Shenzhen KUKA robot company. If you like, you can continue to pay attention to our article

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