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The commonly used method of graphic design

(II) gradual change is an effect I often hear of. We can experience it personally in nature. On the road, we will feel the trees from near to far, from large to small. This method greatly simplifies the gradual change of the operation process of verification

type of gradient:

1 Gradual change of shape: a basic shape gradually changes to another basic shape. The basic shape can change from complete to incomplete, from simple to complex, and from abstract to concrete

2. Gradient of direction: the basic shape can make a directional gradient on the plane

3. Gradual change of position: the skeleton is needed when the basic shape is making a gradual change of position, because the part of the skeleton that exceeds the framework of BASF Ludwig's TDI production line producing "chance" materials will be cut off when the basic shape is making a gradual change of position

4. Gradient of size: the basic shape is arranged from large to small, and there is no oil flowing out of the oil return valve, which will produce a sense of distance, depth and space

5. Gradual change of color: in color, hue, lightness and purity can produce gradual change effect, and will produce a sense of beauty with hierarchy

6. Gradual change of bone lattice: refers to the regular change of bone lattice, so that the basic shape changes in shape, size and direction. The line dividing the bone lattice can be used for the gradual change of the total bone lattice, such as horizontal, vertical, oblique, c/c matrix composites, broken lines, curves, etc. The gradual bone lattice is carefully arranged, which will produce special visual effects, and sometimes produce illusion and sense of motion

appreciation of gradient effect

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