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Reflection on the water explosion accident: why can't the string of safety production stretch

in the afternoon of March 25, the headquarters of Jiangsu xiangshuitian Jiayi company at the scene of the "3.21" explosion held the fourth press conference to inform the latest situation. The circular said that up to now, 78 people have been killed in the accident, of which 56 have been identified and 22 are pending identification. Of the 28 missing persons reported last time, 25 have been confirmed dead, and the other 3 are safe and have been contacted. The centralized search and rescue work at the scene of the accident was basically completed, and the site cleaning work began

On March 23, the first plenary meeting of the accident investigation team of the State Council pointed out pointedly that the problems exposed by the accident are very prominent, indicating that some places and enterprises in Jiangsu Province are not serious and solid in learning the painful lessons of past accidents and improving safety production work. They are out of shape and go through the motions. The accident enterprises have been investigated, notified and fined continuously, and the relevant persons in charge of the enterprises still seriously violate laws and regulations and go their own ways, It eventually led to a tragic accident

"very prominent", "not serious and solid", "taking the form and going through the motions", "serious violations of laws and regulations, go your own way"... The causes and problems of the outbreak of the incident can be seen from these words and qualitative clues

of course, with the in-depth investigation of the incident and the final report, all problems will be more clearly visible. However, these instructive and meaningful words must be thought-provoking

the tianjiayi company involved is notorious: in the past three years, it has been subject to administrative penalties for many times. In February, 2018, the company was criticized by the former State Administration of work safety and pointed out that it had 13 potential safety hazards. In May, 2018, Xiangshui County Environmental Protection Bureau punished the enterprise twice according to the management system for air pollution prevention and control and the solid waste management system. In December, 2018, the former Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Protection Department extended the regional approval limit of the park for 6 months due to the poor rectification of the enterprise

in just one year, it has been criticized and punished by relevant departments at the national, provincial and local levels. However, according to the current investigation results, the enterprises involved have not really made targeted and effective rectification

such repeated reminders and punishments did not arouse the high attention of the enterprises involved. On the contrary, they showed a state of "dead pigs are not afraid of boiling water"

According to public reports, in May last year, the Environmental Protection Bureau of the county imposed a total fine of 1.01 million on the enterprises involved in the two punishments. In the face of a million fine within a month, the enterprise can remain unmoved, and its profitability is evident. This can also explain a problem, the amount of fines and illegal costs do not match

another noteworthy fact is that in 2016, the safety production license of dangerous chemicals of tianjiayi company has expired. According to the China chemical industry news, the source of the explosion was the storage warehouse for solid hazardous waste. Without permission, the green light can go all the way. Is it due to the neglect of management by relevant departments or other reasons

from a longer time dimension, tianjiayi Chemical Co., Ltd. is the "apple of the eye" of the local government. This pearl started from the "northward movement" to undertake the industrial transfer in southern Jiangsu. The special "life experience" reflects the specific background of the times. In that era, knowing the environmental hazards of chemical enterprises, the local government resolutely chose chemical industry as the economic pillar. Why? When being interviewed by the media, Kong Lingyi, director of the Environmental Protection Bureau of renxiangshui County, made a "Frank" answer: "in the face of food and clothing and environmental protection, people must choose the former. This is not that we are stupid, but that we have not chosen this choice."

the question is, why are some officials in some regions "stubborn" at a time when high-quality development is highly emphasized? On the one hand, due to the distorted inertia of the view of political achievements for a long time, after all, economic achievements are the most prominent political achievements; On the other hand, it is a fluke mentality, but no matter how it causes trouble - "why am I so unlucky and have an accident on my post"

we always say that safety production should be foolproof, otherwise, there is nothing wrong with it. This is not empty talk, cliche, but a profound summary after bloody lessons again and again

therefore, we should give full play to the self-discipline of enterprises, the supervision of relevant departments, social supervision and other forces, and always stretch the string of safety production, eliminate hidden dangers in the bud, make economic development more quality, and make people's happiness more warm

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