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Zhongtian Science Popularization: use new technology to serve modern fire safety science popularization education, and help the administrative regions above the county to build no less than one fire safety experience hall

Zhongtian Science Popularization: use new technology to serve modern fire safety science popularization education, Assist the administrative areas above the county level to build no less than one fire safety experience hall

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key points for the work of the fire bureau of the Ministry of public security in 2017 points out that administrative areas above the county level are required to build no less than one safety education base of emergency fire science museum

this fully proves the necessity and urgency of the construction of emergency safety popular science education experience hall

Zhongtian science popularization is such a solution service provider and equipment supplier focusing on emergency safety science popularization education experience hall

the company applies vr virtual reality technology, ar Augmented Reality technology, Al artificial intelligence technology, multimedia interaction technology, data visualization, 5g + IOT and other global cutting-edge technologies to the production and research and development of fire safety popular science education products, focusing on the customization of non-standard products, and provides solutions for the safety popular science education base and equipment of the emergency department

why is it said that the traditional fire safety education of choosing suitable pulling machine is out of date, and the new fire safety popular science education is leading the future

disadvantages of traditional fire safety education:

① need specific site support

② the effect of knowledge popularization is not satisfactory

③ there are limitations in the educated population

④ the traditional teaching mode is single and boring

⑤ high risk when simulating fire scenarios

⑥ the maintenance cost of traditional teaching equipment is too high

⑦ the way is rigid and lacks vividness and flexibility

advantages of the new fire safety science popularization Experience Hall:

1. Through advanced technologies such as virtual reality, it can truly restore all kinds of fire scenes, without open fire and pollution, safe and reliable, and reduce drill risks and economic losses

2. Highly restore various fire scenes and fire fighting and rescue scenes, and have a comprehensive experience of vision, hearing and touch, so as to improve the experience and teaching quality

3. Immersive virtual reality technology experience and vivid and real human-computer interaction can deeply stimulate the interest of the experimenter, which is more interesting and can improve the interest in learning

4. The venue can carry out repeated training, so that each participant can quickly master all fire safety knowledge, display various rescue skills and self-protection measures, and enhance the ability of emergency self-help

5. Use advanced technology to simulate different fire training venues, break space constraints, and save space and labor costs

since the establishment of the company in 2013, Zhongtian science popularization has served hundreds of experience halls, and has accumulated rich solution experience and hundreds of emergency science popularization education products

at present, the business scope of Zhongtian science popularization () has covered ten series: fire safety science popularization, traffic safety science popularization, life safety science popularization, production safety science popularization, natural disaster science popularization, campus safety science popularization, Party building red education, astronomy and geography science popularization, home safety science popularization, emergency package supply station, etc

as a professional creative technology service enterprise, Zhongtian science popularization accurately grasps customer needs and market orientation, and provides customers with one-stop services of design, R & D, production, installation and maintenance

1. Introduction to corporate culture

Zhongtian science popularization (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013 and is now located in the green city science and Technology Park, Longgang District, Shenzhen. It is committed to the innovative R & D and application extension of cross-border integration of Multimedia Interactive Technology. It is an excellent cultural and creative enterprise integrating planning, design, installation and maintenance of one-stop high-tech services

from 2017 to 2018, the company, including Ningbo Institute, Institute of process, Institute of Oceanography, Institute of chemistry, Institute of physics and chemistry, national nano center, Suzhou Institute of nanotechnology and Northern Institute of materials within the system of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was rated as a "contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise" by Guangdong Province for two consecutive years. In 2019, the company was rated as the "top ten enterprises in the application of vr/ar in Asia" and won the "leading award of vr/ar major projects in Asia"

2. Overview of patents/software works

with years of efforts, Zhongtian science popularization has successively obtained more than 30 technical patents and software copyrights of the same order of magnitude, such as the initiator of China's VR, AR and Mr industrial bases, the chairman unit of Guangzhou virtual reality Industry Association, and the member unit of Shenzhen Virtual Reality Industry Association

3. Introduction to product hardware

after years of industry experience, zhongtianke has successively developed ten series of software and hardware safety education experience equipment

it can cover a variety of safety accident scenes, forming mainstream experience methods such as VR immersive interactive experience and interactive simulation experience, which can help the experimenter quickly learn and master various safety knowledge through teaching in fun

4. Display of some cases and schemes

at present, Zhongtian science popularization has become a one-stop solution service provider for emergency safety science popularization education base

the company can not only provide equipment supply and OEM customization, but also help all Party A and channel merchants output customized scenes and the whole library plan, from 50 m ² To 10000 m ², Our company has mature experience. The following are some cases to show and share

there are few original achievements in the development of new products

a) whether the experimental working state is the standard in the work of the experimental instrument; To put it bluntly, the standards in the experimental work include working temperature, environmental humidity, electromagnetic field, working voltage, basic

5 of stability, product software content display

Zhongtian popular science fire safety Popular Science Series (contact customer service:), with a variety of VR fire experience equipment, supporting a variety of VR fire scene simulation experience, such as school bus, office, subway, cinema, hotel, dormitory, school fire escape experience and family Dormitory fire hazard investigation, etc

applicable scenarios and objects:

campuses, street communities, construction sites, factories, government agencies, science and technology museums, children's palaces, museums, memorial halls, various exhibition halls, libraries, education bases, enterprises and institutions, etc

pay attention to "emergency science popularization in Shenzhen" (all the same name), get more emergency science popularization knowledge, and have more opportunities to get gifts such as first-aid kits. Life first, science popularization in the future; Disaster prevention and mitigation, start with you and me

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