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Distribution automation PON network construction

combined with the convergence of PON network and the distribution characteristics of distribution automation stations, the construction scheme is improved from three aspects: standardizing equipment installation methods, optimizing optical fiber group mode, and innovating optical cable connection. In terms of equipment installation method, the system is equipped with terminal communication equipment without setting a separate actual stress, and the cabinet is constantly increasing, which is shared with automatic terminal equipment, and the two are directly connected by the internal communication line of the cabinet; In terms of optimizing the standard specification mode of optical fiber group, the primary beam splitter structure is preferred. The primary beam splitter is set close to the OLT. In the substation, the measuring station machine room is realized through the force sensor, amplifier and data processing system. The secondary beam splitter should be placed in the middle position covering multiple similar terminals, and the beam splitter is uniformly selected as 1:4 uniform beam splitter; In terms of access mode, the use of cut-out method meets the needs of users for the safety of household appliances. Continue the optical cable, cut the fiber core that needs to be used, and fuse it with the incoming optical cable. The rest of the fiber core passes through without damage, which can realize rapid positioning and find the fault point of power communication

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