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L918f loader is favored, and sdlg brand value and prospect are obvious to all

l918f loader is favored, and sdlg brand value and prospect are obvious to all

Founded in 1965, patio town is the first retail enterprise in the twin cities to sell rocks, paving materials and retaining walls to homeowners. The company, headquartered in Oakdale, Minnesota, focuses on epoxy resins and has since become a major retailer of landscaping supplies and hard goods. In addition to landscape materials, patio town also provides paving materials, retaining walls and decorative rocks. Some people call me crazy professional installation. Patio town is one of the companies that added sdlg's new small loader to their equipment queue for the first time, replacing a high-end loader previously used with it

for more than 50 years, patio town has been providing various gardening and greening materials for the twin cities, and has become one of the major suppliers of outdoor household goods and services in Minnesota. Since its establishment, the company, headquartered in Oakdale, has used a variety of equipment supplied by several manufacturers of different brands. But in 2017, the company chose sdlg wheel loaders

patio town is one of the first companies to use the l918f small loader newly produced by sdlg. It uses loaders to carry aggregates and ground covers, and to load and unload materials on vehicles. The company has been using a high-end loader in the process of operation, but has now transferred the loader to another facility. Because patio town does not need the functions of this high-end machine, it chooses a machine from sdlg to replace it

jason Rexine, general manager of patio Town, said, "l918f has no problems since it was put into operation. Compared with the machine we used before, this small wheel loader has more powerful power, which surprised our operators. The machine using sdlg can fill aggregate and floor coverings into the bucket more easily."

when using sdlg wheel loaders, the operator sits higher in the cab than in previous loaders. The operator of patio town said that it is very beneficial to have a better view when working in a narrow space such as a parking lot

rexine explained: "L918f can provide greater coverage and capacity at a competitive price, which has left a deep impression on us, and many of our operators said that this model of loader has improved the driver's vision, which has become an additional gain for us. With the help of the backup camera and better line of sight, our staff can have a clearer view in all directions, so we can speed up the Speed to move more materials. "

l918f small wheel loader is equipped with a 1.0 cubic yard standard bucket on the slip quick change. Although it is used on the loader with successful business experience in small Shanxi Aluminum Plant, it has the versatility of slip loader accessories. The l918f has a rated load of 2.0 tons and is equipped with an engine certified by DEUTZ Tier 4 final, a hydraulic driven sliding quick change mechanism and a large flow third hydraulic interface. The warranty period of 12 months/2000 hours is also available, and the warranty period can be extended optionally

without Nuss truck and equipment company (Nuss), l918f would not have an impact on the operation of patio town. The two companies share a common history and have established a deep friendship - Nuss made this proposal because he understands the unique needs of patio town and believes that using sdlg wheel loaders is the most suitable alternative model

Scott leaseman, sales director of Nuss trucks and equipment, said: "Patio town is not only a customer but also a friend who can detect the torque at a fixed angle or the angle at a fixed torque. We know that the l918f is suitable for the needs of patio town. Since it was sold in August, after many inspections, I have seen with my own eyes that the staff are more happy to use this machine than the previous one. It is very difficult to apply a brand-new machine to the construction site without any adjustment Rare, but l918f did it, and everything went well

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