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Beijing Branch family property insurance terms model article 1 insurable property Article 1 all the following family property stored in the place specified in this insurance policy and owned by the insured can be taken as the subject matter of insurance, and the applicant shall go through the insurance formalities with the insurer

I. clothing and bedding

II. Furniture, appliances and indoor decorations

III. household appliances, cultural and entertainment supplies

IV. farm implements and tools for rural families

v. the property listed in paragraphs 1 to 4 of this article, which is jointly owned by the insured and others, is specially agreed between the insured and the insurer and is stated on the insurance policy

the insured referred to in this article is urban and rural residents participating in the insurance (the same below)

the insurer referred to in this article is China Pacific Insurance Company (the same below)

Chapter II uninsured property

Article 2 the following properties are not included in the scope of insured property:

I. houses and ancillary equipment

II. Means of transportation

III. tractors, agricultural machinery, etc

IV. properties and commodities to be sold used by individual industrial and commercial households and Lianjia shops for business

v. gold and silver, jewelry, jade, jewelry, currency, tickets, securities, commemorative coins, medals, medals, stamps, antiques, ancient books, calligraphy and paintings, documents, accounts, technical data, charts, livestock, pets, flowers, trees, fish, insects, birds, bonsai and other properties and handicrafts that cannot be appraised

VI. tobacco and alcohol, food, grain, agricultural and sideline products, drugs, cosmetics

VII. Game cards, CDs, DVDs, audio and video tapes, floppy disks, watches, pens, glasses, wireless communication equipment, lighters, handbags and other frequently carried items

VIII. Other family property not listed in the insured property in Article 1 of this insurance clause and property in a state of emergency

Chapter III insurance period these are all very important limits

Article III the insurance period is divided into one year, three years, five years, and the long-term principal repayment insurance is valid for one to eight years. From 0:00 of the next day after going through the insurance formalities and paying the insurance premium to 24:00 of the specified expiration date

Chapter IV insured amount

Article 4 shall be determined by the insured according to the actual value of the insured property, and shall be listed separately according to the concurrent production items of the insured property specified in the insurance policy

Chapter V insurance premium

Article 5 this insurance is divided into non principal repayment insurance and principal repayment insurance, which are voluntarily selected by the applicant. The insured shall pay the insurance premium at one time according to the charging standard when applying for insurance. Please see the attached table for the charging standard

Chapter VI Insurance

Article 6 the insurer shall only compensate for the economic losses and liabilities of the insured property caused by the following reasons:

1. Fire and explosion

II. Lightning strike, hail, snow disaster, flood, earthquake, subsidence, cliff avalanche, tornado, ice, debris flow

III. falling of objects moving in the air, and collapse of foreign buildings and other fixed objects

IV. in the event of the above disasters and accidents, the above four ministries and commissions jointly issued the notice on launching the assessment of the promotion and utilization of new energy vehicles in cities, which includes the loss of insured property caused by the necessary measures taken to prevent the spread of disasters, as well as the reasonable expenses paid in the rescue process

except for Chapter 7

Article 7 the insurer shall not be liable for the loss of the insured property caused by the following reasons:

I. war, military action or violence

2. Nuclear radiation and pollution

III. intentional behavior of the insured or his family members

IV. TV, electrical appliances (including cultural and recreational products of electrical nature), electrical equipment damage caused by overuse and overvoltage, wire touching, arcing, self heating caused by electricity, etc

v. losses caused by storm and rainstorm caused by insurance properties stacked in the open air and under the canopy, and simple sheds with reed mats, straw, linoleum, straw, reed, canvas and other materials as external walls, roofs and roof trusses

VI. insect damage, rat bite, mildew, deterioration and other losses not covered by the insurance scope listed in Article 6 of this insurance policy

VII. Loss of insured property in insurance accidents in illegal buildings and dangerous buildings

Chapter VIII surrender

Article 8 Insurance in the form of non principal repayment insurance shall not go through the surrender procedures before the expiration of the insurance period

Article 9 Where the applicant chooses the form of one-year, three-year and five-year principal repayment insurance, he or she will enjoy the following insurance benefits after applying for the insurance, and shall comply with the following provisions:

1. After the expiration of the insurance period, the insurance will be terminated, and the insurer will return all the insurance principal paid by the applicant to the applicant

II. After the expiration of the insurance period, if the insurance is not refunded, the applicant shall go through another renewal procedure

III. If the insured requests to return the insurance principal during the insurance period, the insurance premium of the current insurance year will be calculated and charged according to the non return home property insurance rate. If it is less than one year, it will be calculated as one year and deducted from the refundable insurance principal

Article 10 the applicant who chooses the form of long-term principal repayment insurance enjoys the following insurance benefits after applying for insurance, and shall comply with the following provisions:

first, the long-term principal repayment insurance period is eight years, and the insurance will be terminated upon the expiration of the eight-year insurance period, and the insurer will return all the insurance principal paid by the applicant to the applicant

II. If the principal of the long-term principal repayment insurance is required to be refunded more than five years after the expiration of the term, it shall be irregularly depending on whether the insurance is out of danger within the insurance year. If the insurance is out of danger within the insurance year, the compensation shall be charged according to the short-term charging standard (see the calculation of the short-term charging standard table) and deducted from the returned principal of the insurance; If there is no accident within the insurance year and no compensation occurs, no fee will be charged, and the insurance principal will be returned to the applicant in full

III. If the insurance period is less than five years and the enterprise is required to make due contributions to the development of enterprise local financial association, the return of the insurance principal shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 3 of Article 9 of this article

Chapter 9 compensation treatment

Article 11 when the insured property suffers losses within the scope of insurance, the insurer shall calculate the compensation according to the actual loss and the local market replacement price on the day of the loss, and according to its old and new degree, but the maximum amount shall not exceed the insurance premium itemized on the insurance policy

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