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Model real estate development contract

contract unit:

(hereinafter referred to as Party A)

(hereinafter referred to as Party B)

for clarity and good faith, this contract is hereby signed and jointly observed

project content and scale:

total investment and fund raising:

total investment of 10000 yuan when materials yield (including: land acquisition fee of 10000 yuan, development fee of 10000 yuan, construction and installation fee of 10000 yuan). The scale of investment is million yuan, and Party A contributes million yuan in several times, with each contribution of million yuan and advance payment of million yuan; Party B shall make a contribution of million yuan in several times, with each contribution of million yuan

mode of cooperation:

Party A:

Party B:

financial management:

1. scope of cost accounting: meet the requirements of GB, ISO, ASTM and other standards for cement, mortar Experimental requirements for concrete and other materials 2. Preparation of final accounts:

3. Property Liquidation:

profit distribution:

Breach of contract:

in units of tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of square meters. Other:

1. The project funds are managed in the Bank of

2. Party economy is guaranteed by. The guarantor has the right to inspect and urge party to perform the contract. The Guarantor agrees that if party fails to perform the contract, the guarantor shall bear the economic responsibility jointly and severally

3. Party is willing to use as collateral, and the collateral is attached with a detailed list as an annex to this contract If Party A fails to perform the contract, Party A shall have the right of disposition and priority of repayment of the collateral

the original of this contract is in copies. Party A holds copies and Party B holds copies. Copies of the contract shall be submitted to and kept by relevant units such as. It will take effect after being signed by representatives of both parties

the annexes to this contract include the strengthening of the cultivation of high-tech enterprises and the application of patents, which have the same effect as this contract

the amendment and supplement of this contract must be signed by Party A and Party B and agreed by the guarantor as a supplementary part of the contract

Party A: (official seal) Party B: (official seal)

address: Address:

legal representative: (signature and seal) legal representative: (signature and seal)

deposit bank and account number:

guarantor: (official seal)


legal representative: (signature and seal)

opening bank and account number:

signing date: mm/DD/yy

signing place:

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