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Criminal complaint form

criminal complaint form

complainant (the party in the criminal case and his legal representative, close relatives, and entrusted lawyer):

indicate the name, gender, date of birth, nationality, native place, occupation or work unit and position, address and other basic information. Lawyers only need to indicate the name and the name of the law firm they work in

complainant_________ Right_________ People's court_______ Year______ Month_____ RI () Zi page___________ Criminal judgment (or ruling) No. and lodge a complaint

request items:

write down the key points of the request items

facts and reasons:

write down the basic case. Most cement plants prefer to choose microcomputer controlled cement pressure experiment. The facts, trial results, and specific complaint reasons and legal basis


___________ People's court



at the same time, it can always provide us with reliable data support, with a very high specific intensity date

attachment: original trial__________ Loosen all fastening screws of the load flange___ 1 copy of the book

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