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Model of software binding cooperation agreement

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this cooperation agreement is a legal agreement reached between (hereinafter referred to as Party A) and (hereinafter referred to as Party B) on the bundled products. Once this agreement is signed, it means that both parties accept the constraints of this agreement, If either party disagrees with the terms of this agreement, it shall not sign this agreement

I. purpose of cooperation

in order to meet the needs of consumers to the greatest extent, improve the popularity and competitiveness of both parties' products, and expand the market share of both parties' products, Party A and Party B decided to cooperate in sales through friendly negotiation

II. Overview of the agreement

1. The name of the software provided by Party B is 5. Locking function:

2. Party A pays Party B the software bill a: the price under the standard environment

3. The software package provided by Party B

4. The quantity ordered by Party A from Party B:

5. The place of delivery:

6. The time of delivery:

7. The method of payment:

III. The rights and obligations of party a

1 Party A guarantees that the software purchased by Party B can only be used for the bundled sale or free gift of Party A's computer, and cannot be sold at a separate price. Otherwise, Party A has the right to compensate Party B for the economic losses caused by the economic disputes arising therefrom

2. Party A guarantees that it is not allowed to modify the software product in any content or form without the consent of Party B

3. Party A has the right to use the trademark, name or other relevant words, graphics and signs of the above software products of Party B in the process of product production and publicity

4. Party A is obliged to stop the main operating factors affecting the friction coefficient when it finds that someone has infringed party B's software, and is obliged to provide Party B with evidence of infringement of Party B's copyright by a third party

5. Party A is obliged to declare that the software development unit and the copyright owner are Party B in the documents, notices, product packaging or promotional materials related to Party B's software

IV. rights and obligations of Party B

1. Party B guarantees that the software of Party B purchased by Party A has legal copyright, and has produced all relevant supporting materials to Party A. in case of disputes over copyright and related matters, Party B shall bear all responsibilities and compensate Party A for the losses incurred thereby

2. Party B guarantees that the software specified in this agreement is of qualified quality. If the quality of Party B's product is indeed defective, Party B has to replace it free of charge. If it cannot be replaced in time, Party B is responsible for returning all the payment for the software with quality related problems

3. Under normal circumstances (no problem in quality), Party B shall not bear the obligation of returning, transferring, changing and upgrading the products ordered by Party A

4. Party B is responsible for the product after-sales service of the end users of the above software

v. breach of contract

1. When Party A breaches this agreement, Party B has the right to terminate this agreement, investigate Party A's interference with the market and claim compensation from Party A for the economic and reputation losses of Party B caused thereby

2. If Party B violates this agreement, Party A has the right to terminate this Agreement and claim compensation from Party B for the economic and reputation losses caused to Party A

3. If Party A delays in payment, it shall be fined 2 ‰/day of the delayed payment

4. If Party B delays the delivery time, it shall be fined 2 ‰/day of the delayed delivery part

5. Irresistible human factors: if the parties cannot perform the terms of the agreement due to the irresistible human accidents that may occur in the process of software publishing, transportation and sales, both parties shall contact in time and jointly take positive measures to minimize losses, and shall not investigate the breach of the agreement with the party involved

6. This agreement takes effect from the date of signature by both parties. The agreement is made in duplicate, with each party holding one copy, which has the same legal effect

7. In case of any dispute between Party A and Party B, it shall be settled through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, the lawsuit shall be under the jurisdiction of the District Court of Party B

VI. others

1. Both Party A and Party B shall keep the contents of this agreement confidential, and some party shall bear the legal liability for the economic and reputation losses caused by the disclosure of the contents of this Agreement and then evaluate its brightness changes

2. Before signing this agreement, Party A shall conduct compatibility test on the software samples provided by Party B. if not, Party A shall bear the consequences of possible incompatibility. Party B guarantees that the OEM products provided by it are completely consistent with the products for testing this time (except for packaging and carrier)

VII. Matters not covered in this Agreement shall be settled through negotiation or a supplementary agreement shall be signed separately. The supplementary agreement has the same legal effect as this agreement

VIII. Term of agreement: this agreement is valid from MM DD YY to MM DD YY

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