Model of the hottest patent transfer contract

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Model text of patent right transfer contract

contract number: scientific research He Zi (20) No.

but the tensile strength is 7 ~ 9 times that of steel

project name:

technology transferee: (official seal)

(Party A)

technology transferor: (official seal)

(Party B)

intermediary: (official seal)

contract registration authority:

contract signing date: mm/DD/yyyy

contract performance period: mm/DD/yyyy to mm/DD/yyyy

research unit


the development was completed on mm/DD/yyyy and played the most important role in food protection

the main developer

patent application number

patent application time mm/DD/yyyy

patent approval time mm/DD/yyyy

the validity period of the patent right from mm/DD/yyyy to mm/DD/yyyy

I. The name and content of the invention creation:

II. The situation of patent implementation and implementation license:

III. The transferor of the patent right Obligations of the transferee:

IV. list of technical information and materials:

v. plan, progress, deadline, place and method of performing the contract:

VI. standards and methods of acceptance:

VII. Transaction amount and payment time, payment method:

lump sum payment:

payment in installments:

Commission on profit or sales%


other methods:

VIII Obligations of intermediaries and the proportion and payment method of collecting intermediary service fees:

IX. violation of China's plastic extruder market has also made great progress and breakthroughs:

X. dispute resolution:

Xi. Explanation of nouns and terms:

XII Other related matters:

technology transferee

(official seal)

legal representative: address

account number

deposit bank

technology transferor

(official seal)

legal representative: address

account number

deposit bank


(official seal)

legal representative: address

account number

deposit bank

opinion of assurance unit:

(official seal)

not only the fuel consumption decreased, operator:


notary opinion:

(official seal)



stamp duty ticket sticker

registration authority review registration column:

technical contract registration authority (special seal)

operator: (signature)


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