Reasons for the fading of the most popular inkjet

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The reasons for the fading of the inkjet photo

the photo inkjet picture is the first choice for advertisers to do print advertising because of its fine image, good color saturation and gorgeous color. Especially in recent years, with the sharp decline in the price of domestic photo machines, the price of photo also decreases. Therefore, more and more people choose photo print advertising, especially in some large shopping malls and supermarkets, However, the photo inks used in the photo machine are water-based dye inks, so they do not have the ability to resist water and ultraviolet rays. If they are placed outdoors, they will quickly fade. Even if they are placed indoors, they will fade and become dim and no longer bright because of the light. Is there a way to effectively increase the warranty period of the so-called "progressive performance" of Polaris, To prevent photo ink from fading quickly? The answer is yes. Fading means that the dye encounters some redox substances. When the ink hits the coated medium, it is covered with a film with colloid. If the coating or film contains oxidizing substances, fading will occur. For example, when our hands are accidentally stained with ink and it is very difficult to wash off, it will be washed off immediately after disinfection with 84. Shen Bo pointed out that this is the reason, Generally speaking, this fading has the following characteristics:

1. The light color or neutral color pictures feel very fast and sometimes only take a few hours

2. This kind of picture will fade quickly even if it is placed in a dark place

3. The color of the spray painting picture will not fade after a certain period of time when it enters the experimental procedure (indicating that it reflects part of the reaction), and the specific situation will be slightly different. At present, the coating of common materials in the domestic market is basically qualified, and the lamp is poor. The fading caused by the film also happens from time to time. We can understand this through some specific practical tests. In addition, the photoelectric encoder will have pulse signal output, and the photo inkjet picture will fade. The reason for water melting is that the film will pass before the photo ink on the picture is completely dried

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