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Rongcheng district helps enterprises "cross the border" to switch to production of epidemic prevention materials three enterprises trial production of mask production lines

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since the battery cost of power battery enterprises has fallen, Rongcheng District, Jieyang City has effectively increased support to encourage qualified enterprises to transform and switch to production of epidemic prevention materials. Guangdong ChuangSheng Industry Co., Ltd., Guangdong Yade Industry Co., Ltd Three enterprises of Jieyang Tebo new materials Co., Ltd. responded positively to the "cross-border" production change masks. After intensive preparation, the three enterprises have been successfully put into trial production, and will provide material support for epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work and production

18, I saw in Guangdong ChuangSheng Industrial Co., Ltd. that in the spacious 100000 grade sterile production workshop, CISA submitted a document to the national development and Reform Commission for the first time; Seeking coal rdquo;, A fully automated mask production line operates at a high speed. Raw materials such as non-woven fabric, melt blown fabric, nasal bone layering, ear belt line and so on are fused automatically through the production machine. One mask after another rushes out of the production line, and the workers quickly inspect and repack. It is learned that the company's first two full-automatic production lines are now in orderly production, with a daily output of 150000 general medical masks

Guangdong ChuangSheng Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading foreign economic and trade enterprise in Jieyang City. It is a diversified enterprise with export manufacturing as the main body. After the outbreak of COVID-19, the company actively cooperated with the local government to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control. The company plans to invest 20million yuan to transform the existing spare independent workshops, introduce equipment, and add medical mask projects. All products are subject to government emergency calls during the epidemic prevention and control period to help the epidemic prevention and control and return to work. "All relevant departments strongly supported the company's mask project, and the service was very high-quality and efficient. After the company applied, the municipal supervision department handled the license change and production record for us on the same day. The industry and information technology department contacted the Dongguan equipment manufacturer in only one day to help us coordinate and lift the machine, so that the project could be launched as soon as possible." Huanghonggao, the chairman of the company, told us that since the company had prepared raw materials in advance and started trial production as soon as the equipment was in place, the two production lines arranged more than 50 workers to implement the three shift working system to ensure a high production capacity in a short time

at the production site, in order to ensure the quality of each mask, all production operators must go through the procedures of changing shoes, changing clothes, washing hands, drying, hand disinfection and wind drenching before entering the workshop. Huanghonggao said that at present, they are debugging the automatic packaging equipment. At that time, they can access the automatic production line to realize the automatic integration of production and packaging of Leeb hardness tester, which greatly saves manpower and improves efficiency; At the same time, the equipment of two production lines will arrive soon. At that time, the daily output of masks will reach 300000

in addition to Chuangsheng company, Jieyang Tebo new materials Co., Ltd. also conducted trial production in early March. In the mask production workshop, many workers are "fully armed" and are carrying out mask cutting, sorting, packaging and other processes. According to Wu ang, the head of the company's mask project, the company's mask project has an average daily production capacity of 60000 or 70000 in recent days, up to about 80000 at most. Then new machines arrived one after another, and the total production capacity doubled. Guangdong Yade Industrial Co., Ltd., another company that has switched to the production of masks, has put in place the equipment and is in the process of intense commissioning and production. Two production lines have been built, and it is preliminarily estimated that it can produce 200000 ordinary masks per day

it is understood that in recent years, the number of imported plastic machines in China is also rapidly increasing. Rongcheng district actively encourages and supports enterprises to change production and capacity, produce key medical materials, and increase financial support. For qualified production enterprises to expand production or change production of epidemic prevention materials within the specified period, increase incentives for the purchase of qualified equipment. At the same time, the relevant functional departments designated special personnel to follow up the whole process, so as to smooth the green channel for the enterprises to change production and expand production, and provide guarantee for the enterprises to officially put into production and rest assured production

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